Appspace Employee App & Device App Requirements - Archive

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This content has been archived. It may no longer be relevant.

This article lists the minimum requirements needed to run the Appspace App for Devices either on purpose-built devices and built-in devices, or the Appspace Employee App for employees on browsers or mobile devices.

We currently have three app categories, catered for the following:

  • Appspace for devices
    The Appspace App for industry-standard devices is supported on a multitude of operating systems and device platforms such as Chrome OS, Android, iOS, BrightSign, Cisco, Crestron, and such, that meet different use cases including playback performance, physical dimensions, hardware features, content delivery modes (streaming or caching), and workplace experiences.
    The Appspace App for devices is ideal for various workplace experiences including:
    • digital signage for single-display TV, multiple screens, video walls, or system on chip (SOC) TVs.
    • room scheduling systems on tablets with touch-screen enabled or widescreen TVs.
    • touch-screen kiosks for wayfinding, visitor registration, and employee directories.
    • enterprise TV live streams.
      Most of these industry-leading media devices have their own internal storage, hence content from Appspace is cached.
  • Appspace built-in
    Appspace has collaborated with several vendors to offer integrated solutions, to provide added value by leveraging existing workplace vendor devices and systems that may have a specialized dedicated function (i.e. video conferencing). The Appspace App comes pre-built in most of these devices and only custom Appspace features are available, such as:
    • basic wallpaper or signage displays using Appspace on room conferencing devices that are idle.
    • basic wallpaper or signage displays using Appspace Lite, on the vendor’s device management portal.
    • room scheduling with Appspace cards on purpose-built room scheduling devices or smart signboards.
    Content from Appspace is streamed and not stored locally due to the devices’ functional limitations.

  • Appspace for employees
    The Appspace Employee App, an Appspace app for employee communication, is available on Android and iOS mobile devices, or via our web portal. Employees may:
    • browse and view corporate content published to them or their user groups.
    • reserve rooms, desks, or designated workspaces at the office.
    • book a building pass for a building or campus area with restricted access.

Appspace App for Devices & Appspace Built-In

  • An Appspace Platform user license.
  • An active Appspace public cloud/private cloud/on-prem user account.
  • An active and stable internet connection, with speeds  from 4Mbps -10 Mbps throughput 
  • The minimum hardware requirements for Appspace App devices on purpose-built platforms and Appspace buit-in follow the manufacturer’s specifications. The recommended device models and the required firmware & OS versions are listed in the Supported Devices & Operating Systems article.
  • For a list of media and features supported by each device, please refer to the Supported Content & Device Capabilities article.

Appspace Employee App

Employee App Portal

  • An Appspace Premium user license.
  • An active Appspace public cloud/private cloud user account.
  • See the Supported Browsers section below.
  • Minimum PC hardware requirements

    Hardware Minimum Specifications
    Processor Intel Core i3
    Memory 4GB RAM
    Hard Disk 128 GB
    Network 4 Mbps throughput

  • Minimum operating system requirements

    Operating System Minimum Versions
    Microsoft Windows Windows 10
    Mac OS Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10
    Android Android 5.0.0 Lollipop
    iOS iOS 10
    Chrome OS Chrome OS 69

  • Supported media


Internet Explorer 11 Not Supported beyond June 15, 2022

  • Please be advised that due to the termination of Microsoft Support, Internet Explorer 11 will no longer be supported as of June 15, 2022
  • If using applications that require this compatibility, users may use Edge in Internet Explorer Mode, but Appspace will no longer support Internet Explorer 11

Employee App Mobile

  • An Appspace Premium user license.
  • An active Appspace public cloud/private cloud user account.
  • Device requirements
    Ideal For Content Delivery Mode Operating System / Firmware Minimum Appspace Version Appspace App Download Reference Models Specifications
    Employee Experience Streaming Android 10 Appspace 8.0 Download via Google Play Store Samsung Galaxy A02s
    iOS 15 Download via Apple App Store iPhone 12
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