Configure Employee App Portal Branding and Theme

As the Employee App Portal is the central place for your users to view corporate content that has been published to them, Appspace allows Account Owners or Publishers to customize the Employee App portal to match their organization’s branding and theme, giving it that personal touch.

Users can now customize the look and feel of this portal by applying their own branding theme, colors, and logo.

This article provides instructions to configure the portal’s default banner and theming options.


Configure Employee App Portal Branding and Theme

Follow the instructions below to configure the Employee App portal’s theme:

  1. Launch the Employee App portal via one of these methods:
    • Log in to your Appspace console and click the Switch to Employee App button from the ☰ Appspace menu.
    • In an enterprise messaging app chat room, click the title or thumbnail of any posted Appspace content.
  2. Click the User icon, and then click the Configure Theming link.
  3. In the Banner Graphic tab, select one of the following options from the Select Content Type drop-down menu:

    • None – No banner displayed.
    • Default – Displays the default Appspace welcome banner.
    • Media – Display media. Selected content from the Library, or upload content.
    • Webpage – Displays a web page. Input a URL to the webpage.
    • Last Content Posted – Displays the last content published to you.
  4. In the Brand tab, you may perform the following branding options:

    • Select or upload a Logo to the library to used as the portal logo.
    • Select the Accent Color for the portal.
  5. Click Save.


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