The Employee App portal is a newly launched central place for users to view corporate content that has been published to them. The portal improves the overall information sharing workflow across an organization making it easy for users to access information regardless of where they are, either via a computer, tablet, or phone. 

The portal’s user interface aligns with the streamlined design for improved user experience introduced in Appspace 8.0, making it easy for users to navigate through the different channels and channel groups that have been published to them as individual users or their user groups. 

Users may access the portal via the Switch to Employee App button in the Appspace User Profile window from the Appspace console, or directly from an enterprise messaging app configured with the Appspace publishing bot when content is posted in the enterprise messaging app’s channel/chat room. In both instances, the user must have an Appspace user account to login, and can only view the content published to them on the portal. 

We’ve also made it really easy for publishers to add content to any channel they have access to, directly from the portal, without the need to navigate back to the console.

This article provides illustrations on navigating the all-new Employee App portal, which allows users to access corporate content that has been published to them either via the Appspace console or directly from an enterprise messaging app channel such as Slack, Webex Teams, and Microsoft Teams.

What’s in this article:

Access the Employee App Portal

You may access the portal and all the content published to you either via the Appspace console or from content shared to an enterprise messaging app:

Appspace Console

The easiest way to access the Employee App portal is via the Appspace console. Ensure you have a registered Appspace user account, and channels published to you as a user.

  1. Log in to your Appspace console.
  2. Click your User Profile icon on the top right, and click the Switch to Employee App button.
  3. You will be redirected to the Employee App portal. See Navigation section below.
  4. To return to the Appspace console, click the Switch to Admin Console button from the ☰ Employee App menu.

Enterprise Messaging App Channel/Chat

You may also access the Employee App portal from an enterprise messaging app, such as Slack, Webex Teams, or Microsoft Teams, if the Appspace App publishing bot has been configured to allow users to view more details about the posted content on the Employee App portal.

  1. Go to the enterprise messaging app’s chat window that has an Appspace content posted.
  2. Click the title or thumbnail in the post to launch a web browser.

  3. Enter in your Appspace credentials, if you are not already logged in to Appspace.
  4. The full content of the post is then displayed on the Employee App portal, if the content has been published to you.
  5. You may also continue to browse other content and channels that have been published to you.


The below illustrates the default dashboard display when viewed from a web browser.


  • The Employee App menu is displayed at the top of the page.
  • The menu contains the following items:
    • Home – Returns users back to the home screen.
    • Videos – Displays all videos that are published to you.
    • Channels – Displays all channels and channel groups that are published to you.
    • Places – Allows users to manage reservations.


  • To use the Search function, enter the keyword-based on title, description, or tag to perform a search.
  • Utilizing predictive search, results are displayed as soon as characters or numbers of the keyword are entered in the search field.

User Details

The User Profile window allows you to perform the following actions:

  • View the current user logged in.
  • View or switch user profiles or networks.
  • Configure Portal Themeing
  • Switch to Admin Console
  • Log out from Employee App Portal.

Banner and Branding

  1. Click the User Profile icon, and then click the Configure Theming link.
  2. In the Banner Graphic tab, select one of the following options from the Select Content Type drop-down menu:
    • None – No banner displayed.
    • Default – Displays the default Appspace welcome banner.
    • Media – Display media. Selected content from the Library, or upload content.
    • Webpage – Displays a web page. Input a URL to the webpage.
    • Last Content Posted – Displays the last content published to you.
  3. In the Brand tab, you may perform the following branding options:
    • Select or upload a Logo to the library to used as the portal logo.
    • Select the Accent Color for the portal.

Browse Channels and View Content

To view any content in the Employee App portal, follow the instructions below:

Select a channel group from the Group section (top), or select a channel from the Channels section to view content.

  • If a channel group is selected, the channels within the selected channel group will be listed on the right sidebar, while the channel content will be listed in the left section.
  • If a channel is selected, the channel will automatically be displayed depending on the channel’s Employee Mode settings (this setting is configured when creating a channel):
    • Feed – All content within the channel will be listed, allowing users to select specific content to be viewed.
      • To view channel content, click the content or card to and display and view its details such as title, article (description), and publishing details.
      • Users with Publisher or Editor permissions, can also directly edit the content by clicking the Edit content icon.
    • Carousel – All content within the channel will be displayed similar to how it will be viewed in device playback, or when published to the web. This feature is only applicable and available for playlist channels.

Edit Channels and Content

Account Owners, Publishers, or Editors may manage playlist channels or edit content directly from the Employee App portal, without having to navigate back to Channels or Library in the Appspace console.

Manage Channels

  • To add content to channels, select the desired channel, and click the Add content to channel icon. You can add content to the playlist channel as how you would in Channels.
  • Or you can still edit the channel in the console. Select the desired playlist channel, and click the Manage channel in the console icon.

Edit Content

  • To edit content, click the desired content, and click the Edit content icon.



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