The Appspace Employee App portal is a web-based system for employees to view published corporate content, make workspace reservations, and reserve building passes.

Focused on employee communications and space reservations, the portal improves the traditional information sharing workflow across an organization, making it easy for employees to access information or make reservations from their computers, tablets, or mobile devices, regardless of where they are. We’ve also made it really easy for publishers to add content to any channel they have access to, directly from the portal, without the need to navigate back to the console.

Administrators may also brand the portal for their own organization by changing the theme color, logo, and home banner, with a myriad of options.

This article provides illustrations on navigating the Appspace Employee App portal, allowing employees to make reservations, and access corporate content that has been published to them either via the Appspace console, or directly from an enterprise messaging app, such as Slack, Webex Teams, and Microsoft Teams.

We also have an Employee App for users on mobile devices, making it easy for employees to access information or make reservations from anywhere.

Portal Access

Employees with premium user licenses, can access the Appspace Employee App portal via the Appspace domain, or directly from content posted in an enterprise messaging app channel or chat room that has been configured with the Appspace publishing bot. In both instances, the employee must have an Appspace public/private cloud user account to login, and can only view content published to them or their user groups.

Administrators meanwhile, who have both the premium user licenses and platform user licenses, in addition to the above methods, will be able to access the portal from the Appspace console.

  • Employees: Log in to the Appspace domain with your Appspace credentials, and you’ll be redirected to the Employee App portal. 
  • Administrators: Log in to the Appspace console with your Appspace credentials, click your User Profile icon on the top right, and click the Switch to Employee App button.

    To return to the Appspace console, click the Switch to Admin Console button from the ☰ Employee App menu.
  • Enterprise Messaging App Channel/Chat: You may also access the Employee App portal from an enterprise messaging app, if the Appspace App publishing bot has been configured for this purpose. Click the title or thumbnail of the content posted to the enterprise messaging app’s chat window to launch the portal, and sign in with your Appspace credentials (on public/private cloud only).

    For specific instructions, refer to Slack, Webex Teams, or Microsoft Teams
The Employee App and Reservations features are only available on Appspace public/private cloud 8.0 and later. These features are not supported on 8.0 on-prem.

Layout & Navigation

The below illustrates the default dashboard display of the Appspace Employee App portal when viewed from a web browser.


The global Search bar in the Employee App is dynamic. If you are on the Home screen or in Channels, you perform a search for content, channels, and channel groups. If you are in Places or Reservations, then your search results will be for buildings or reservations.

Additionally, if you are in Places or Reservations, you will have another localized search bar that will allow you to search for a resource, reservation, or building pass, specific to that menu item. See the individual sections below for more information.

Across the app, utilizing predictive search, results are displayed as soon as characters or numbers of the keyword are entered in the search field.

  • The menu is displayed at the top of the page in the portal. The menu items displayed are dependant on the features required by your organization. These sections can be toggled on and off by an administrator (see Configure Theming below).
  • The default menu contains all the following items:
    • Home – lists all the latest content posted to you or your user group.
    • Places – find buildings, and reserve a workspace or building pass.
    • Reservations – view and manage bookings.
    • More
      • Channels – displays all channels and channel groups posted to you or your user group.
      • Videos – displays all videos posted to you or your user group.
My Workspace

The My Workspace section displays the building that is set as the home location of the employee, allowing employees to quickly create a building pass or a workspace reservation the same way they would at Places at the building they are most frequently working at. Clicking the View All link redirects employees to the Building Pass, or Workspaces (if building pass is not enabled) sections on the Places tab.

This section is only available if Places is enabled by your organization.

Upcoming Reservations

Employees would be able to quickly view four of their current and upcoming building passes, or workspace reservations in this section. For current workspace reservations, they would be able to extend or end the reservation, while clicking the View All link redirects the employee to the Reservations tab.

This section is only available if Places is enabled by your organization.


The Home tab displays the latest corporate content published to you or your user group. You may click any content to view in detail or select one of the listed channel groups on the right to view all content posted to that channel group.

Apart from viewing the latest content, you’ll also be able to make reservations and view your upcoming reservations, if you’re organization has enabled Places, and your home location has been configured with building resource.

To view all other available content, or older content, go to the Channels or Video tabs (in the More section).


The Places tab includes two sub-tabs: Workspaces (default selected) and Building Pass.


The Workspaces tab will list your most recent building and workspace reservations/bookings, for easy access and quick reservations. However, this section will be empty on first use, as no reservations have been made prior.

  • Search – The search bar on the top menu bar is now localized to this Workspaces tab. Type in a letter or keyword to search for available buildings or resources.
  • Building – Type in a letter or keyword, and select a building from the drop-down menu. Use the Date, Time, and Duration filters to narrow down your search for buildings.

Once you select a building, the building is displayed on the left, and all workspaces in that building are displayed on the right.

  • Filters – Narrow down the resources in your selected building based on the floor, zone, workspace type, resource status (Available/Unavailable), capacity, and facilities available in the resource.

    You can also turn on the Show Colleague toggle to see which colleagues have booked the resource next door.
  • View More Info – Click this button to display more information about the building, such as capacity, number of floors, and any applied restrictions. You may also directly reserve a building pass to this building.
  • View Map – Click this button to display the floorplan in map view. The floorplan will display all available workspaces and resources on the selected floor (if applicable).
    On this floorplan view, you may do the following:

    • Search – Type in a letter or keyword to search for and display floors, workspaces, or people (colleagues) in this building or the selected floor. Use the Date, Time, and Duration filters to narrow down your search.
    • Filters – Use the Filters button to narrow down the search based on the floor, zone, workspace type, resource status (Available/Unavailable), capacity, and facilities available in this building.
    • Floor Selection – Select an available floor to view the floor plan and all its available resources. If there are no floors in this building, this option will not be available.
    • Zoom – Use the + or buttons to zoom in or out.
    • Reset View – Reset to the default floorplan view.
    • Room Status Legend – indicates the colors for room status. These colors may be customized by an administrator to follow your organization’s preferences.

Making a Reservation

Once you’ve found the desired resource either in normal view or the map view, you may reserve the resource. Refer to the Reserve a Workspace, Desk, or Room – Employees article for detailed instructions.

Building Pass

The Building Pass tab will list all the buildings available in your location. Each building block indicates the building name, location, and its status (Available, Unavailable, Restrictions).

You may search for a building with a letter or keyword, and select a building from the drop-down menu. Use the Date and Duration (Pass type) filters to narrow down your search for buildings.

Select any building to view details, restriction details (if any), and directly book a building pass. Refer to the Reserve A Building Pass – Employees article for more information.


The Reservations tab lists all the reservations and building passes you have personally booked, or meetings that you have been invited to.

You can check, extend, or even cancel your reservations. Administrators are also able to make and manage reservations on behalf of someone else.

When you select a building pass or workspace reservation,  you may view the resource details, booking details, and the resource’s location on a map (if available).

You may also confirm the reservation by clicking Yes or scanning the QR code to check in. You may also extend or cancel the booking.

For more information, refer to either one of these articles:


If Places and Reservations are turned on, access Channels by clicking More. If they are not turned on, you will see the Channels tab next to Home.

The Channels tab displays all channels and channel groups that have been published to you or your user group.

Select a channel group from the Group section (top), or select a channel from the Channels section to view content.

Channel Group

When a channel group is selected, the channels within the selected channel group will be listed on the right sidebar, while the channel content will be listed in the left section.


When a channel is selected, the channel will be displayed either in Feed view or Carousel view. These views are configured by an administrator in the Employee Mode settings when creating a channel. 

  • Feed – All content within the channel will be listed, allowing users to select specific content for viewing.
    • When you click any content, the content together with details such as title, article (description), and publishing details are displayed.
    • Users with Publisher or Editor permissions, can directly edit the content by clicking the Edit content icon.
  • Carousel – In this format, all content within the channel will be displayed similar to how it will be viewed during device playback. This feature is only applicable and available for playlist channels.
    • You may click the thumbnail below this content to view the next content.

Add Content & Edit Channel

Account Owners, Publishers, or Channel Editors may edit content directly from the Employee App portal, without having to navigate back to Channels or Library in the Appspace console.

  • To add content directly to a channel, select the desired channel, and click the +Add button.
  • You may also choose to edit the channel in the console. Select the Edit button instead.


If Places and Reservations are turned on, access Videos by clicking More on the menu. If they are not turned on, you will see the Videos tab next to Channels or Home.

The Videos tab simply displays a collection of all videos available in your app, from all the channels and channel groups assigned to you or your user group.

Each video block will include details such as channel name, video title, duration, publish date, and author name.

Simply click on any video block to view.

User Profile

The User profile window allows you to view your user information and do the following:

  • View the current user name and role.
  • View the Appspace account number
  • Switch to Admin Console – Only available to administrators.
  • Configure Theming and branding for this portal – Only available to administrators. For instructions please refer to Configure Employee App Portal Branding and Theme.
  • Log out from the Employee App Portal.

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