Last updated on September 22, 2015

Device Software Deployments


This guide illustrates the steps to deploy software packages. Appspace Software Deployments are used to deploy software packages to production players or players with custom feature request such as special language support.


This is only applicable to on-premise deployments.

Deploying Player Packages

  1. Click the user icon on the top-right of the toolbar and select Administrator Mode.

  2. When prompted with a confirmation dialog, click Yes to continue.


    The Administrator Interface works best on Internet Explorer 7 and above.

  3. Select the Maintenance tab.

  4. Select Package Repository.

  5. Click the New Package link to create a new software deployment package.

  6. In the Create New Package dialog, select Player from the Type drop-down menu. Enter the Version of the software package (this should correspond to the version listed on the physical software package archive file) and give it a Name to help identify the package. Click Save to continue.

  7. In the Create New File section, click the Browse button. Navigate to the software package archive file and add it into the list of files to be uploaded. Click Upload to upload the software package archive into the deployment package.

  8. Once the package has been created, the File Management section will display a summary of the package details and the files associated. Click Back to return to the listing page of software packages.

  9. Within the listings, identify the package that was just created and click Commit at the end of the row. In the warning dialog box, click OK to commit the software update package.

  10. When you are ready to deploy the package to your PC player, identify the desired package and click Deploy Now.


    If you do not see the Deploy Now option, it is likely the package has not been committed yet. If that is the case, ensure you have completed Step 7 above.

  11. On the Create New Deployment page, select the software package from the drop down list. Select the deployment destination by clicking on a node in the network hierarchy tree. The selected node is updated in the Deploy To: property – verify that you have selected the right node.


    Select the destination to deploy the software package to. There are three destination types and they are defined as the following:

    • The Entire Portal– this option applies to all players connected to the server.
    • Network – this option applies to all players in the selected network and any child networks.
    • Application – this option applies to all players assigned to the selected application.

  12. Once the deployment options have been confirmed, select All players from the Player drop-down menu. Select Stable from the Status drop-down menu (if the deployment is for testing and it is not stable, select Beta for the deployment). Review all deployment package settings one last time and click Save to begin the deployment of the package.

  13. To review the status of deployment package(s) – from the Administrator Mode interface, select Deployment under Software Maintenance from the navigation bar on the left. This should take you to the Deployment page where there will be a listing of the various packages.It typically takes 3-5 minutes before the media players will detect the new software packages. Once detected, the players will download the new package and reboot. The download time will depend on the size of the package and bandwidth of player to the Appspace server. You can visually verify a media player’s version during the boot-up sequence (the version of the player is displayed on the screen during the Application Initialization process).