Last updated on June 12, 2015

Introduction to Appspace

Appspace is an application platform that provides the ability to create, manage, and publish digital applications, directly or via distributed networks, to connected devices. Content in various forms such as text, images, videos, and live streams, are used to build customizable apps that allow the integration of these apps with business applications. Apps are built using APIs and a collection of extensions accessible via the Appspace dashboard, both on cloud and on on-premise deployments.

The following are the core extensions included with Appspace Core:


The Dashboard extension is the default landing page that displays an aggregate of information in the form of dashboard widgets such as ‘Recently Updated Apps, Recently Viewed Widgets’, or ‘Player Health Summary’. Each dashboard widget derives its information from active extensions within Appspace core. On a cloud-based deployment, the Dashboard displays a welcome message by default.


The Signs extension allows you to create, publish, and manage signage applications for display on Cisco Digital Media Players and Appspace PC players. It provides users with the ability to start building apps from a library of common templates or create their own apps by using the built-in editor.


The Library extension allows you to upload, store, and manage content for use in applications. Users are able to organise the contents into folders which can be shared with other users.


The Users extension allows you to manage users in an organization by inviting, grouping, and assigning roles to users. You will be able to quickly browse through the list of users and immediately identify the groups they belong to, and their assigned roles.

Device Tasks

The Device Tasks extension allows you to monitor, manage, and configure registered devices in a network. An administrator can run a variety of device tasks with enhanced administrative and reporting options for Cisco Digital Media Players.


The Networks extension correlates networks and its devices, while allowing you to manage networks, players, and SmartHub ASEs. You will be able to quickly register any number of devices to Appspace.