Last updated on April 16, 2015

Creating Multicast Streams


Some media player devices are able to display and playback multicast video streams. These multicast video streams are defined as external content media files within Appspace. It should be noted that the preview option is not currently available for these streams and that Appspace only stores the URL of the multicast stream.

Creating Multicast Streams

  1. From the Library, select the folder you wish to add multicast streams to. Click the + button to add a new item and select Add External Content.

  2. Fill in the title and description of the content. You can also choose to tag your content to help you search for it later.

  3. Select the Edit sub-tab. For the Type drop-down menu, select Video. In the URL field, enter udp as the protocol followed by the multicast IP address (and multicast port number if required). Click APPLY when finished.