Last updated on July 30, 2015

Introduction to Dashboard

The Dashboard is the default landing page of Appspace that displays an aggregate of information in the form of dashboard widgets. Each dashboard widget derives its information from active extensions within Appspace core. The visibility of these widgets are dependent on permissions given to a user and extensions available in your deployment. For example, the Signs widget is displayed if the user is given permissions to view and access the Signs extension.

On a cloud-based deployment, the Home screen displays a welcome message. The Dashboard is then accessed via the Appspace extensions drop-down menu.

The following is a list of commonly seen widgets on the dashboard:

  • Recent Uploads: Displays a chronological list of recently uploaded files/assets.
  • Content Allocations: Displays a chronological list of recent content allocations.
  • Recently Updated Widgets: Displays a chronological list of some recently accessed and updated widgets.
  • Content Approvals: Displays a chronological list of the ten most recent content approvals.
  • Network: Displays the total number of registered, online, and offline devices along with any player alerts.
  • Device Updates: Displays a chronological list of the most recently updated device statuses.


More widgets may become visible on the dashboard depending on the extensions installed on your Appspace instance as well as the role or permissions of the user currently logged on.