Appspace App 1.x Release Notes for Mobile

These release notes provide information on the new features, newly supported devices, enhancements, resolved escalations, and bug fixes completed in each major, minor, and patch release of the Appspace app (Appspace App for mobile), version 1.0.

App 1.00

Release Date: 3 Apr 2021

Appspace Employee App

The Appspace Employee App for mobile devices focuses on employee user experiences, allowing employees to view corporate content published to them, such as the latest reports, townhall video recordings, or corporate news. If subscribed to the Appspace Space Reservations system, employees will also be able to make workspace reservations or book a building pass, directly from their mobile device.

The Appspace Employee App is supported on the following devices and can be downloaded and installed from the respective app stores.

  • Android 6.01 and above on mobile devices or smartphones
  • iOS 12.5.1 and above on mobile devices or smartphones
  • Users are able to login to Appspace cloud by clicking the Log into Appspace button, or to an Appspace private cloud instance by entering the custom domain URL, and clicking the Log into Custom Domain button. Only private clouds that are running Appspace 8.0-ac.27 and later are supported.
  • Support for multiple user accounts, allows users to select from a list of stored user accounts to log in from.
  • Support for switching user account, allows users to switch user accounts once logged in.
  • The device status bar that displays the time, battery percentage, and connection status will be displayed with dark text on a white background.

For more features, and how to navigate the Appspace Employee App, please visit the Browse and Navigate Appspace Employee App article.

Patch Updates


Release Date: 9 Apr 2021

Appspace App

In an effort to streamline all our app and user experiences, the Appspace Employee App for mobile devices will be renamed, and known as Appspace in all app stores.

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