Appspace Platform 8.1 Release Notes for Public Cloud

These release notes list the latest release information on new features, platform optimizations, enhancements, resolved escalations, bug fixes, and deprecated functionality in each release of the Appspace Public Cloud 8.1-ac.24 and later.

The following is the release management schedule for Public Cloud:

  • Scheduled feature updates, bug fixes, and escalation fixes are typically scheduled at 02:00 CST time throughout the week, typically on a Tuesday or Friday.
  • Critical fixes including security patches or emergency updates to support reliability and availability will be deployed as necessary.

24 June 2022, Friday

Build 8.1-ac.34



Features Description Impact/Outcome  
Support for Hiding Inactive Floors on the Employee App The Reservations module allows floors to be hidden from being displayed in the Employee App Map view, by setting the floor status to “Inactive“. Employees will not be able to view or select inactive floors and resources on that floor on the Employee App Portal.
Support for Copying Reports  in Reports (LR) The Reports module has been improved, allowing users to copy pre-existing reports via the new copy function. The Analytics > Reports feature is still in Limited Release (LR) and only available upon request. This feature is only available on Public Cloud.


The following improvements were made this week:

  • Deprovisioning users via the SCIM protocol returns licenses to the Appspace platform.
  • The Employee App now allows places to be filtered via Zones.
  • Improvements inline with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0:
    • Improved accessibility of the Remove button in Visitors.
    • Improved accessibility of the Toggle switch
    • Improved accessibility of Buttons.


  • AE-8116 – Unable to delete user accounts that are duplicated from the same user on Private Cloud.
  • AE-8125 – Max Capacity constraint rule is in effect immediately, and not within the specified duration set.

10 June 2022, Friday

Build 8.1-ac.33


The following improvements were made this week:


  • AE-8054 – When a user attempts to delete a Rich Text card from the library, the card remains in the channel and the content is not removed.
  • AE-8060 – Misleading notification message for Zombie Meeting: “Recurring event will be auto-canceled after two missed consecutive meetings” should be displayed instead of “Recurring event will be auto-canceled after two missed consecutive meetings.”
  • AE-8069 – When an administrator declines the approval request to add content to a shared library, the content Editor does not receive a notification.
  • AE-8073 – When content Editors add content to a channel, content administrators do not receive any content approval notifications.
  • AE-8074 – Duplicate results when retrieving Reservation API for reservation resources.

1 June 2022, Wednesday

This build is scheduled for release on the date stated above, however, please note that the features and escalation fixes listed are subject to change. Final items and the date will be updated on the final release date, and this note will be removed.

Build 8.1-ac.32


Features Description Impact/Outcome  
Enhancements to Quick Authoring in Employee App In 8.1-ac.30, we introduced and allowed Publishers to directly create a post from the Home dashboard or from within a channel in the Employee App.

The feature is now enhanced to allow scheduling and tagging.

Publishers may now schedule posts with start and end dates, and tag these posts to target curated feeds.
Support for Reservations Reports in Analytics Reports  Reports now include the following analytics for Reservations data:

  • Reservations History
These reports are in addition to Visitor Management reports.

The Analytics > Reports feature is still in Limited Release (LR) and only available upon request. This feature is only available on Public Cloud.

Improvements to Home Location Account Owners or Location Admins may now set floors and zones as a user’s Home Location, in addition to geocampus, or building locations.

The Home Location can be configured via the Users module for one or multiple users/user groups.

 When a user logs in to the Appspace console or the Appspace Employee App, they will only see content and/or resources available in their default Home Location.

Users may switch their Home Location from their profile page in the Employee App or the Appspace console. 


    • The search capabilities in the Reservations module have been improved to allow users to search based on the following:
        • Location / Resource
        • Meeting Title / Name
        • Organizer Name
        • Organizer Email
        • Attendee Name
        • Attendee Email
  • The following new Points of Interest (POIs) have been added for Reservations:
      • Kiosk
      • Docking Station


  • AE-7918 – Unable to make reservations on the same day, due to checkpoints in place.
  • AE-7926 – Unable to add a user to the Recipient list in order to receive Device Notifications.
  • AE-7964 – The Reservations search bar does not function correctly.
  • AE-8020 – Unable to set Reservation Resource to device.
  • AE-8049 – Scheduling cards configured with Office 365 as the calendar provider requires re-authentication every few weeks.


  • AP-28963 – 404 error page displayed when downloading a report that does not exist anymore, instead of redirecting the user to the Library.

13 May 2022, Friday

Build 8.1-ac.31


  • The Phone Number format validation has been removed, as it was preventing many customers from provisioning users via SCIM, due to the strict formatting validation applied on the Appspace platform. This allows phone numbers in different formats to be displayed on the console now.
  • The Passthrough user settings has been removed from the Account Authentication Settings page for Private cloud deployments, as this feature had been deprecated since the introduction of licensing V3.


  • AE-7597 – Device licenses for deleted devices are not immediately returned, and may take up to 15 mins for the server to sync to reflect the current device licenses available.
  • AE-7784 – Unable to display images on the Power BI card on BrightSign devices.
  • AE-7856 – Unable to import a CSV file to update device information, due to receiving an ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) exception error that is caused by empty tags on the Private cloud.
  • AE-7918 – Unable to make workspace reservations on the same day, due to custom checkpoints in place.
  • AE-7963 – Only the first 100 Libraries are listed and displayed to the user with permissions to view all libraries.
  • AE-7998 – Rule for restricting access to workspace resources creates a ghost rule in which the room remains unbookable forever.


  • AP-29031 – Quick post displays incorrect user name that contains Unicode text (Arabic, Chinese, and special characters).

5 May 2022, Thursday

Build 8.1-ac.30.1


  • AP-29005 – The Playlist Channel Analytics tab displays a blank page.

29 April 2022, Friday

Build 8.1-ac.30


Features Description Impact/Outcome  
New Analytics Reports (LR) feature The Analytics > Reports tab will now include our new reporting module. Account Owners or Location Admins can:

  • Customize, extract, and export the data to a .xlsx file.
  • Schedule reports to run periodically and get the download link via an email or enterprise messaging notification

In this release, the following two reporting templates are available:

  • Visitor Directory
  • Visitor History
This feature is only available to Visitor Management users upon request, and it will be behind a feature flag.

Appspace’s age-old Proof of Play Metrics and User Activities tabs (reports) which were under Analytics > Reports have now been moved to System > Audit Logs.

Support for Quick Authoring from the Employee App We’ve added the ability for Authors, Publishers, and Account Owners to directly create a post from the Home dashboard or from within a channel in the Employee App.

Supports text, images, and video.

The images and video will NOT be uploaded to the Appspace Library in this release.

Users with the appropriate roles do not need to switch back to the console to create or add content to any channel.


  • AE-7705 – Performance issues due to errors caused by running APIs on Appspace private cloud.
  • AE-7808 – CSS issues with color on the Annoucement card, where the text field displays in black when highlighted text color is changed.
  • AE-7891 – Permissions page becomes unresponsive, when navigating from Devices > Locations > Overview.
  • AE-7913 – Inconsistent errors generated when updating the card templates.
  • AE-7954 – Employee App filter does not recognize the ” ditto symbol.
  • AE-7961 – Newly created card does not display thumbnails on the Playlist Channel, nor displayed on the device due to causing out of sync issues.
  • AE-7974 – Building Pass bypasses rules and restrictions when created via the Create button on the Reservations tab.
  • AE-7990 – Certain formatting features on the Resource Checkpoint rich text editor does not function correctly.
  • AE-8000 – In a booked room, the “Occupied Until” time displays the booking start time, instead of the time the meeting ends.


  • AP-28951 – Unable to create new card themes in Library.

Build 8.1-ac.29.3


  • AP-28989 – Syntax coding error displays the Reservations header label code on the Employee App Portal on Private Cloud
  • AP-28990 – The “Occupied until” time displays the start time of the booked meeting, instead of the end time for reserved resources on Private Cloud.

26 April 2022, Tuesday

Build 8.1-ac.29.2


  • AE-7978 – Confirmation email notifications are not sent, when reservations are created on private cloud.

22 April 2022, Friday

Build 8.1-ac.29.1


  • AE-7784 – Unable to display Power BI dashboard images on the Power BI card.
  • AE-7891 – The Assign Permissions window becomes unresponsive in Devices when trying to assign Location Admin or Publisher roles on private cloud.
  • AE-7913 – Unable to upload customized card template due to write permissions access when uploading via the Edit icon.
  • AE-7923 – Images from Library are deleted when removed from an Advanced Channel.

15 April 2022, Friday

Build 8.1-ac.29


Features Description Impact/Outcome  
Improvements to Employee App Home Layout The Employee App portal Home page (dashboard) sees the following facelifts:

  • New max width
  • New Banner height and styling
  • Welcome block
  • Updated styling for Upcoming Reservations
  • Updated styling for App Links
  • Updated styling for News feed
Improved user experience.
Employee App Language Localization Update Adding language support to the Concierge dashboard.

Both the Concierge and Language localization features are still under Limited Release.

Languages supported:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish


  • AE-7549 – Unable to generate custom Reservation report, due to an API error received when trying to retrieve reservation info in large numbers.
  • AE-7808 – UI issues on the Announcement card text field, when user attempts to configure the card through the theme editor.
  • AE-7848 – Longer wait times when login into Employee App on mobile as compared to the Employee App Portal due to SSO token generation.

8 April 2022, Friday

Build 8.1-ac.28.3


  • AE-7807 – Unable to register new devices due to reaching the license limit, even though adequate device licenses are available.
  • AE-7841 – Unable to change Account Owner through Salesforce, due to GUID returning null for the Account Owner.
  • AE-7854 – Unable to invite user, as the user already exist on the Appspace platform.

7 April 2022, Thursday

Build 8.1-ac.28.1


  • AE-7199 – Unable to assign custom Editor role from the Cisco Digital Signage extension to Channels and Locations on private cloud.
  • AE-7738 – Resource added through Reservations does not sync to the zone, and display on the Employee App when filtered by zones.
  • AE-7830 – Visual bug that displays Rules being applied to resources that match the Resource Type, but not the Sub-Type of the rule.
  • AE-7840 – Switching to All Day overrides existing reservation restrictions.
  • AE-7851 – Multiple rules of the same constraint type do not get inherited correctly.
  • AE-7853 – Custom Editor role missing from Appspace platform on private cloud.
  • AE-7858 – Intermittent filtering issues on the Employee App when filtering by zones.
  • AE-7870 – Unable to access Settings > App Configuration from the Appspace menu with Location Admin permissions.

Build 8.1-ac.28.2


Features Description Impact/Outcome  
Updated Appspace Login Page During the initial release of the Appspace Login page, Appspace deployments that use both SSO and Appspace credentials, required users authenticating with Appspace credentials to switch to the classic login page.

This has been fixed with the current login workflow, allowing the system to detect automatically which credentials are being used to authenticate Appspace, and redirect the user to the appropriate login screens.

The need for users to switch to the classic login page in order to authenticate with Appspace credentials is no longer required.


1 April 2022, Friday

Build 8.1-ac.28


Features Description Impact/Outcome  
Support for Language Localization on the Employee App The Appspace Employee App portal now supports language localization in various parts of the employee app UI, such as menu items, buttons, and system messages to be displayed in the user’s selected language.

In this first phase, only French, German, and Spanish languages are supported.

Language localization options are available when you click the user profile icon and then Settings > Language on the Employee App portal.

But in this release, this feature will be behind a feature flag. Customers must contact a CSM to enable it and only then they will see the Language option.

Support for SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) & HRIS (Human Resources Information System) The SCIM compliance enables customers to leverage their HRIS and IdP (identity provider) systems as a source of record to create/import their own user attributes, leveraging Appspace’s integration capabilities that allow user-defined attributes to be created and mapped to external data sources.

We currently only support SCIM integration with Okta and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) IdPs for automatic user provisioning.

Advantages of using SCIM are it allows both provisioning and de-provisioning of users, and provides greater flexibility in targeting content, creating groups, and applying security measures, in multi-domain scenarios via a standardized service.

This is an alternative to using JIT & SAML to provision users.

Updated Appspace Login Page The Appspace login page sees a minor facelift with updated colors, fonts, and streamlined status messages on-screen.

In the backend, the login process now allows users to authenticate via the new login workflow that supports SCIM.



  • AE-7744 – Content items within the playlist channel folder do not update to the latest Playout Properties Schedule edits when updated through the Configure Folder Settings in Channels.
  • AE-7782 – Sync issues with Microsoft365 calendar provider; reservations canceled via the Reservations module are still appearing on the Outlook calendar, while bookings made via Outlook do not reflect in Reservations on the Appspace platform.
  • AE-7792 – The reservation confirmation emails that are sent to users are not rendered correctly when viewed using Outlook.
  • AE-7812 – The Status filter does not filter workspaces correctly in Places on the Employee App.

25 March 2022, Friday

Build 8.1-ac.27.2


  • AE-7820 – Edits made to card or content is only reflected on the thumbnail, and not in the Preview or Edit screens of the in Library

23 March 2022, Wednesday

Build 8.1-ac.27.1


  • AP-28368 – Unable to display or upload a floor plan in .svg format, even when the upload was successful in Locations.

18 March 2022, Friday

Build 8.1-ac.27


Features Description Impact/Outcome  
Third-Party Apps in Employee App  Administrators may choose to configure and enable third-party application links or sites based on location, user accounts, or user groups, on the Appspace Employee App. Employees will see these app links on the Employee App home screen side menu, or can view them via the Apps menu.
Enhancements to Zones (Neighborhoods) Introducing Zones (neighborhoods) as a resource type. Zones will now appear as a resource in your selected floor.

Administrators can also define/create rules and restrictions that will provide limitations on resources within designated zones, which are reservable.

Once a zone is created for a floorplan map under Locations, then under the Reservations navigation tree, the zone will appear as a resource below your selected building & floor. Admins may edit this zone resource and add Constraint and Checkpoint rules.
System Icons Update All system icons within the Appspace console are being updated to a 2px/24 grid style for standardization. No name changes occur. But some icon sizes are expected to change.
Employee App Portal Theming Options The Theming Options button has moved from the Employee App portal dashboard to the Appspace sidebar menu in the console.

The Employee App Theming Options is now configured via Settings > App Configuration from the Appspace console.

Only Admins with platform licenses can access the Theming Options for the Employee App in the console.
API v3 General Availability The new API v3 site will be available with Public cloud 8.1-ac.27 and later at

The API v3 site has been redesigned with a new look and feel, providing developers a list of our APIs that can be used to build applications that integrate with the Appspace platform.

Private cloud customers will have access to API v3 documentation only once they have the 8.1-ac.27 build.

The previous API v1 site will be deprecated.


  • AE-7508 – Editing a user profile removes inherited user licenses from the user.
  • AE-7733 – Resending a user invitation, creates approximately 15 duplicate invitation listings in Users.
  • AE-7752 – Unable to batch assign “NO CHANNEL” to multiple devices in a group in Devices.
  • AE-7754 – Performance issues with Appspace console and Employee App Portal.
  • AE-7760 – Unable to add content to playlist channel directly from Library.
  • AE-7765 – Unable to apply SSO configuration to private cloud due to corrupt MySQL data.
  • AE-7776 – Runtime Error when displaying the Cards preview in Library.
  • AE-7785 – Server Error 500 encountered when generating a new API token, or when calling the platform API with an existing API token in Integrations.
  • AE-7805 – Records missing in custom report generated via calling the Reservations API.
  • AE-7811 – Incorrect user license reflected when user is assigned or removed from a user group with Premium license.

11 March 2022, Friday


09 March 2022, Wednesday

Build 8.1-ac.26.2


  • AE-7776 – Unable to preview card content in Library in Appspace.

08 March 2022, Tuesday

Build 8.1-ac.26.1


  • AE-7754 – Performance issues with the Employee App Portal when validating rules for a large number of resources in Reservations.

04 March 2022, Friday

Build 8.1-ac.26


Features Description Impact/Outcome
Support for Cisco Webex Navigator The Cisco Webex Navigator device is being supported as part of our Limited Release program, with Appspace App 2.44. When administrators register a Cisco Webex Navigator device with the Appspace App, the Device module in the console will be able to display “WEBEXNAVIGATOR” as the device type.


  • AE-7705 – APIs cause error and performance issues in Appspace private cloud.


  • AP-27962 – Unable to view full settings for app publishing on Internet Explorer.
  • AP-28036 – Authorization service display debug logs in production.
  • AP-28067 – Invitation notifications not sent when DateTime and timezone for recurring events have changed on the Google Calendar Provider.
  • Ap-28116 – Menu accent color fixed on the Employee App.
  • AP-28118 – UI and grammatical errors on the Visitor Kiosk card.

28 Feb 2022, Monday

Build 8.1-ac.25.2


  • AP-28085 – User configured accent color is not applied to the menu in the Appspace Employee App.

26 Feb 2022, Saturday

Build 8.1-ac.25.1


  • AP-26150 – Black screen on newly registered devices displaying cards.

25 Feb 2022, Friday

Build 8.1-ac.25


Features Description Impact/Outcome
Visitor Management General Availability (GA) The Appspace Visitor Management system has been officially released and enables employees to leverage the Appspace Space Reservation system, the new Visitors module in the console, and the Appspace Employee App to invite visitors (external users) to meetings or events held in their organization.

The Visitor Management feature, which has been in Limited Release, is now available to the public.

For more information, refer to the Configure and Manage Visitors – Administrator article.

Space Reservations: Update to Notifications  Additional notifications will now be sent to organizers and attendees when the following conditions are met:
  • Notifications are sent when there is a change of date or time of an event, via email or enterprise messaging if enabled.
  • Invite notifications are sent to attendees newly added to an event.
  • Invitation canceled notification is sent to attendees who have been removed from an event.
Previously notifications were only sent when an event was created or deleted.

If the “on-behalf” feature is turned on, then notifications will be sent if creating/editing from a calendar  provider.

Notifications will be sent automatically, only when the Organizer is an Appspace user. 

Space Reservations: Zombie Meetings  The Zombie Meetings feature allows administrators to set a new constraint to auto-delete or send a notification to the meeting organizer, when zombie meetings (unattended meetings) occur, with the option to set when the constraint will be triggered (i.e. cancellation of multiple consecutive meetings after X number of times). When an organizer sets recurring meetings, but does not check-in resulting in auto-cancellation for that date, and this is repeated X number of times for the same meeting, then all the recurring meetings are either auto-deleted or a notification is sent to the organizer.
Multi-Zone Playlist Channel Update
  • Publishers can now publish a specific zone within the multi-zone channel  to an enterprise messaging app.
  • Support for multi-zone channel orientation preview.
  • Publishers can also choose to publish multiple zones.
  • Content creators may now preview their multi-zone channel in both landscape and portrait orientations.



  • AE-7678 – Custom layout for dual-screens missing after upgrading to Appspace 8.1-ac.20 in the private cloud.
  • AE-7681 – Text truncated for room names on the Appspace Employee App on mobile devices.
  • AE-7739 – Unable to delete old content within a folder in the Library.


  • AP-26150 – Devices do not correctly display content licensing in Device Licensing.
  • AP-27626 – Previewing video content in the Banner zone in a multi-zone channel does not match the aspect ratio selected in the Edit tab.
  • AP-27946 – Content items are incorrectly sorted when switching between full-screen and multi-zone templates.
  • AP-27966 – Unable to change JIT user group in the SSO configuration page on the private cloud.
  • AP-27989 – Playlist channel still displays the “Publish to App” icon even when content has been unpublished.
  • AP-28045 – Device preview does not work on the Device Settings page.
  • AP-28051 – Unable to create a new playlist channel with the “Full Screen” template, when adding content directly from the Library.
  • AP-28052 – Unable to search for the “Full Screen” template from the drop-down menu in the Create Channel pop-up and screen, when adding content directly from the Library.

18 Feb 2022, Friday

Build 8.1-ac.24


  • AE-7549 – Calling the Reservations API fails when making a large number of reservations.
  • AE-7674 – Unable to provision new users via JIT to private cloud after updating SSO certificate.
  • AE-7676 – The “Error getting the device” message is displayed when accessing the Devices tab on private cloud.
  • AE-7686 – Content is deleted from Library, when removed from an Advanced Channel.
  • AE-7702 – Content is deleted from Library, when removed from a Media Zone widget in Advanced Channel.


  • AP-27284 – Converting a recurring meeting to a single meeting on the Google Calendar provider, does not remove the recurring meeting details in the Appspace console.
  • AP-27734 – Channels assigned from the Device module directly may cause publishing data inconsistency.
  • AP-27834 – Content assigned to a multi-zone with playback frequency restrictions configured, do not play according to the configured sequence.
  • AP-27837 – The Channel Search API is unable to return results of channels or channel groups with punctuations.