Last updated on March 01, 2019

Create a playlist channel

This article provides the instructions to create, organize, and publish a collection of cards, images, and videos as a playlist channel.

Create playlist

To create a playlist channel, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the Quick Actions menu on the top right and select Create Channel, and proceed to step 3 below. Or click Channels from the Appspace Menu navigation bar on the left, and proceed to step 2 below.

  2. Click the CREATE button.

  3. In the Playlist Channel section, click CREATE, and enter in the name of the playlist.

  4. In the playlist Edit tab, click ADD CONTENT to add content or folders to the playlist.


    If you are unable to see the Add Content button, please contact your administrator. An administrator must give you access to a common library in your user group.

  5. Select the desired content(s), and click the Add icon. To remove selected content(s), click the Remove icon.

  6. Once content has been added, you may configure the following playout properties directly from the content list:

    • Transition
    • Aspect Ratio
    • Content Duration
    • Scheduling


    • When adding a YouTube card, ensure the Content Duration is set to to run as long as the YouTube video. (default duration is 8 seconds)
    • When adding a Room Schedule card for Crestron TSS, ensure the Content Duration is set to 8 minutes or more. (default duration is 8 seconds)

  7. Click Apply once done.

  8. Click the Channels tab, select and click your desired Playlist, or Advanced channel.

  9. Click the Preview tab to preview your channel, as how it would be displayed on a device.

  10. Click the Settings tab to configure permissions for this channel.

    • In the Overview tab, you can:

      • Edit the Name of the playlist channel.
      • Enter in a Caption for the channel.
      • Assign a Channel Group to the channel.
      • Change the Network of the channel.
      • Upload a custom image, or select an icon or color for the channel.
      • Delete the channel.


      Custom thumbnail images should ideally have a 16:9 aspect ratio for the best display results.

    • In the Permissions tab, you can choose to configure the permission type for this channel:

      • Publisher: A publisher will have full read, write, and delete access to this channel. A user with publisher access can change, edit content, and update settings for this channel.


        Some users are automatically added as a publisher when they inherit the full access from the account, network, or user group. Clicking on the user that was automatically added, will provide more information on the inheritance.

      • Editors: An editor can only edit and manage the content in this channel, based on the approval rules applied to the channel in the Approvals tab (below).

    • In the Approvals tab, you can select the actions that require approval from the publisher of this channel. These approval rules are then applied to a channel editor.

  11. Click the Publish tab, and select the YES option in the slider to publish the playlist. Determine the Devices or Users that can access this channel by selecting the devices or users.


    For more information on publishing, please refer to the Publish a channel article.

  12. Click Save to publish.