Last updated on September 19, 2015

5.5.5 Release Notes

Release Information

The Appspace Core 5.5.5 build is a planned update that focuses on platform enhancements and includes the latest bug fixes. Released on September 19th 2015, this build covers Appspace On-Premise.

Platform Enhancements


  • AP-8307: Webhook integration with Access Token API.
  • AP-8364: Remove javascript timer to keep the session alive.
  • AP-8379: Improve RSS Agent threading error handling.
  • AP-8386: Retrieve content API to support Access Tokens.
  • AP-8387: Webhook to support tag content.
  • AP-8424: Retrieve accounts API to support retrieve by StartId.
  • AP-8508: Refactor preview handler to use LastWriteTimeUtc instead of CreationTimeUtc.
  • AP-8545: Update EULA in the legacy Administrator Mode interface.
  • AP-8546: Webhook to support the return “networkid” metadata key.
  • AP-8593: Users are able to use different MySQL user accounts, other than the DBA role or the root account, to install Appspace.

Bug Fixes

Resolved Bugs

  • AP-8257: In Signs, the Schedule tab is shown even when Layout Scheduling is not enabled on the Settings tab.
  • AP-8329: The Extension manifest defaultURL does not support HTTPS absolute URL in MySQL.
  • AP-8358: In the User Profile page, after a fresh installation or an upgrade from 5.2.3 to 5.5.1, a broken default image is displayed.
  • AP-8370: Unable to retrieve Network’s player groups by retrieve network API.
  • AP-8373: Unable to update access token if username is null or empty.
  • AP-8377: Fixes levels for content folders in graph manager.
  • AP-8385: Network Administrator is unable to assign application ID to the device when using Create or Update device API.
  • AP-8396: The User role in User Profile is different from the one in Users -> Edit <user> page.
  • AP-8428: Unable to get Webhook events for an ungrouped player when player is deleted.
  • AP-8430: User activity report shows activity log by account owner.
  • AP-8469: Unable to install custom extensions when Appspace is using MS SQL.
  • AP-8478: Unable to retrieve sub content folder when using the retrieve folders API by Access Token.
  • AP-8480: The Extension manifest defaultURL does not support HTTPS absolute URL in MS SQL.
  • AP-8491: Unable to retrieve a newly added content folder when using retrieve by Access Token.
  • AP-8492: Webhook is not triggered when device is reregistered.
  • AP-8493: Webhook is not triggered when sub-player group is moved to an unsubscribed player group.
  • AP-8532: Unable to update the app timestamp when requested by Access Token.
  • AP-8549: Unable to retrieve player groups by Access Token.
  • AP-8595: In Signs, when you input a page number in the page numbering textbox and press Enter, the application list is empty.
  • AP-8615: Failed to create or remove content folder when multiple calls to create or delete at the same time.
  • AP-8627: Unable to update the Access Token if username is null or empty in MS SQL.
  • AP-8645: Allow Network Administrators to update webhook events within the same account.
  • AP-8647: When using Portal Administrator token, the LibraryResponse.Status indicates “Success”, but unable to retrieve content.
  • AP-8656: When using Portal Administrator token, the LibraryResponse.Status indicates “Success”, but unable to retrieve group folders.
  • AP-8657: The Dashboard shows an error page when navigating from Home –> an extension (Signs/Networks/Support etc) –> Downloads –> Dashboard.
  • AP-8659: In Reports, when a Network Administrator clicks “Download to excel” from user activities, the “We’ll be right back” error message is displayed.
  • AP-8661: In User Profile, clicking on the “User Profile” blue bar redirects to Dashboard.
  • AP-8672: In Reports, when a Network Administrator clicks the “Search” button, the “Data cannot be retrieve at the moment due to a server error” error message is displayed.
  • AP-8709: Appspace installation fails when MS SQL is not installed on C:drive.
  • AP-8718: In Downloads, the Edge 340 Wizard title shows “null”, and has a different description.

Resolved Escalations

  • AE-1576: The user activity report only shows the activity log by account owner.
  • AE-1652: Appspace fails to install properly when using a remote MySQL database.
  • AE-1681: New apps on Appspace private cloud have Schedule tab erroneously enabled although Layout Scheduling is disabled.
  • AE-1701: SUP004160 - issues with Appspace and MS SQL installations.