Last updated on June 20, 2019

Configure digital signage in conference rooms for Mersive Solstice Pod

This article provides instructions to configure and register Mersive Solstice Pod devices with the Appspace App, ideal for displaying signage in huddle spaces or conference rooms. Similar to how the app works on Cisco’s Collaboration Endpoints, the Appspace App (PWA) will run on a browser as signage, and will be automatically enabled when the device is not in use for conference or collaboration.

Only Playlist channels are supported. The Appspace App for Mersive Solstice Pod is only designed and tested for playlist channels, thus we do not support advanced channels, live stream channels, alerts, device tasks, or playout metrics.

The following content types are supported and can be included in the playlist channel:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • All Appspace Supported Cards

The following device has been tested and certified with Appspace:

  • Mersive Solstice Pod Gen 3
  • Mersive Solstice Pod Gen 2i


  • Appspace 7.0 or higher.

  • Create a playlist channel.

  • An active Appspace account, with sufficient Device IDs to register the device.

  • An active Internet connection.

  • Ensure your network/firewall/anti-virus software on your computer is configured to allow access to the following:

    • Google Chrome web browser
    • Network port 80 (HTTP)
    • Network port 443 (HTTPS)

  • Supported Mersive Solstice devices:

    • Mersive Solstice Pod Gen 3
    • Mersive Solstice Pod Gen 2i

    The device must meet the manufacturer’s minimum hardware and technical specifications, as well as the Appspace App’s minimum requirements. Please refer to Appspace App requirements.

  • Solstice Dashboard installed on your device. Download and install the Solstice Dashboard from


To maintain the integrity of the local storage on the device, the registration information is written to the permanent storage on a timer. After a device is registered to Appspace, please do not remove power or reboot it for at least one (1) hour.

Configure Mersive Solstice Pod devices

Follow the instructions below to enable Appspace App on the Mersive devices:

  1. Launch the Solstice Dashboard, and click the Discover button to add your Mersive Solstice devices on your network.

  2. Once the device has been added, click the Digital Signage tab, and check the Enabled checkbox.

  3. Enter in the Appspace App PWA URL in the Source URL field.


    The Appspace App PWA URL for public cloud is

  4. Click Apply, and the Appspace App will be launched based on the Start After duration set.

  5. Once successfully connected, the Appspace App device registration page is displayed. Follow the instructions in the Register a device article (from Step 2 onwards) to register your device using the 6 digit code displayed.

  6. Publish and assign the Mersive device to your playlist channel(s). Please refer to the Publish a channel article.


Once registered, the device health will show as offline in the Appspace console because the Appspace App is only online when called upon.