Last updated on June 25, 2019

Create live stream channel

This article provides the instructions to configure, add, and remove live video streams in Channels.

Creating Live Video Streams

  1. Click Channels from the Appspace Menu navigation bar, and click the Channels tab.

  2. Click the CREATE button, select Live Channel and enter in a name for the live channel.

  3. In the Edit tab, configure the Live Stream URL stream, and enter in the Call Letters and Channel Number for the live stream.


    Multiple formats of live stream URLs may be added by selecting the the required live stream format from the Live Stream drop-down menu

  4. Select an EPG Provider from the drop-down menu if available.


    • Channel Number – a unique number for the live stream display number.
    • Call Letters – an acronym or short abbreviation for the live stream’s display name; limited to 7 characters.
    • EPG Providers must be configured beforehand before being available in the drop-down menu.
  5. Click the Settings tab to configure permissions for this channel.

    • In the Overview tab, you can:

      • Edit the Name of the live video stream channel.
      • Enter in a Caption for the channel.
      • Assign a Channel Group to the channel.
      • Change the Network of the channel.
      • Upload a custom image, or select an icon or color for the channel.
      • Delete the channel.


      Custom thumbnail images should ideally have a 16:9 aspect ratio for the best display results.

    • In the Permissions tab, you can:

      • Grant user(s) with publishing permissions for this channel

  6. Click the Publish tab, and select the YES option in the slider to publish the playlist. Determine the Devices or Users that can access this channel by selecting the devices or users.


    For more information on publishing, please refer to the Publish a channel article.

  7. Click Save to publish.

Enabling Closed Captions or Subtitles

To enable or disable closed captioning or subtitles on live video streams or video content, add the following player property to your device, in Networks.

Device Property Value Description True Enable Closed Captions / Subtitles
False Disable Closed Captions / Subtitles

For instructions to add player properties, please refer to the Adding New Player Properties section.


The closed captioning feature is currently only available for BrightSign devices.