Last updated on January 12, 2017

Remote control guide

The Appspace App comes with two default out-of-the-box remote control templates; a Cisco Digital Media Player remote control, and an Apple TV remote control, for use on a Cisco Edge 340 media player.



Appspace App is not limited to only these two types of remote controls for interaction with your devices.

This article provides an overview of the various buttons and the top-level functions the buttons are mapped to in both remote control types.


To configure a remote control profile, please refer to the Managing remote control profiles article.

Cisco Remote Control

Name Button Mapped Functionality
Power ../../../_images/0180.png Turns off/on the DMP device
Input ../../../_images/0274.png (not programmed)
Menu ../../../_images/0358.png Jump (direct access) to Menu page
Help ../../../_images/0446.png (not programmed)
Rewind ../../../_images/0532.png Rewind Channels content
Play ../../../_images/0622.png Play Channels content
Fast Forward ../../../_images/0718.png Fast forward Channels content
Stop ../../../_images/0820.png Stop Channels content
Pause ../../../_images/0910.png Pause Channels content
Skip Forward ../../../_images/1014.png (not programmed)
Channel Up ../../../_images/1120.png Go to next channel (channel up)
Channel Down ../../../_images/1212.png Go to previous channel (channel up)
Last ../../../_images/1310.png Go back to previous page
Mute ../../../_images/146.png Mutes the audio
Volume Up ../../../_images/156.png Increases audio volume
Volume Down ../../../_images/164.png Decreases audio volume
Guide ../../../_images/174.png Launches electronic programming guide
Exit ../../../_images/182.png (not programmed)
Page Up ../../../_images/192.png Go to next page
Page Down ../../../_images/202.png Go to previous page
OK ../../../_images/214.png Confirm/make selection (enter)
Up ../../../_images/226.png Navigate up
Left ../../../_images/234.png Navigate left
Down ../../../_images/244.png Navigate down
Right ../../../_images/252.png Navigate right
0-9 ../../../_images/262.png Input number (digit) 0 through 9
A ../../../_images/272.png -24 hours navigation on EPG
B ../../../_images/28.png (not programmed)
C ../../../_images/29.png (not programmed)
D ../../../_images/302.png +24 hours navigation on EPG
Information ../../../_images/31.png Displays information regarding current channel/content

Apple TV Remote Control

Name Button Mapped Functionality
Menu ../../../_images/322.png Go back to previous page
Play/Pause ../../../_images/332.png (not programmed)
Enter ../../../_images/342.png Confirm/make selection (enter); functions as play/pause when viewing on-demand content in full screen
Up ../../../_images/35.png Navigate up; functions as next channel (channel up) when viewing live content
Left ../../../_images/36.png Navigate left; functions as rewind when viewing on-demand content in full screen
Down ../../../_images/37.png Navigate down; functions as previous channel (channel down) when viewing live content
Right ../../../_images/38.png Navigate right; functions as fast forward when viewing on-demand content in full screen