Last updated on December 06, 2019

Configure meeting room scheduling for iAdea Smart Signboards

The iAdea Smart Signboard devices are integrated with the Appspace App and HTML5-based room scheduling cards, to provide you an ideal meeting room booking solution, with a simple way to view room availability, book instant meetings, extend a meeting that is in-progress, or schedule a future meeting.

This article provides instructions to configure and register iAdea Smart Signboard devices with Appspace App,



The Appspace App for iAdea Smart Signboard is only designed and tested for playlist channels and room scheduling cards; thus we do not support advanced channels, live stream channels, videos, alerts, device tasks, or playout metrics.

Best Practices

  • Recommended image options:

    • We recommend that clients use JPEGs as the primary image type. JPEGs are smaller in size (better compression) and ideal for the streaming nature of the device.
    • Recommended image size is 1280x800.
    • Avoid using larger image sizes.

  • Fade transitions should be used instead of transitions that have a lot of motion.

  • A constant internet connection to Appspace Cloud is required for optimum results.

Configure iAdea Smart Signboard

Follow the instructions below to install and launch the Appspace App on the iAdea Smart Signboard device:

  1. Navigate to System > Downloads from the Appspace menu, and download the Appspace App for Android client (android-arm7-prod.apk).

  2. Copy the android-arm7-prod.apk file to an SD card, or a USB drive according to your preference.

  3. Follow the instructions outlined in the How to install 3rd-party Android apps or apk? support article:

  4. Once installation is complete, enter the Basic Settings menu on the device, and navigate to Advanced > Content > AppStart.

  5. Click the Add icon, and enter in the Package name as, and click Set.

  6. Click Play to launch Appspace App.

  7. Once successfully connected, the Appspace App device registration page is displayed.

    1. Follow the instructions, from Step 2 onwards, in the Register a device article.
    2. In the Register a New Device window, type in the 6-character registration code, enter the device name, and select a network.
    3. Assign the playlist channel containing the Room Schedule card in the Assign a channel field.
    4. Click the Register button.

  8. Once registration and content syncing is complete, you can view and browse the meeting room application on the device.


    For information on how to use the room scheduling cards and features available, go to Create room scheduling cards and manage bookings.