Last updated on January 15, 2019

Assign default channel to a network

This article provides the instructions to assign a default channel to a network. This allows the device to automatically assign the default channel if none is selected during device registration.


Assigning a Default Channel to a Network

  1. Click Devices from the Appspace Menu navigation bar, and click the Networks tab.

  2. Select the desired network, and click the Overview tab.

  3. Click the Default Channel name link.

  4. Select the default channel:

      1. Click Users can browse published channels for Interactive mode.

      1. Click Administrator can select a single channel for Device mode.

      2. Select the desired channel to be displayed.

  5. Click Save once done.


You can set a playlist channel or advanced channel (sign) as the default channel. However, you must create the channel in the same network or move an existing channel to the network before you can set it as the default channel.