Last updated on July 26, 2019

Publish a channel

The new end-to-end channel and content management workflow in Appspace 7.0 introduces publishing options with these two new user roles that provide a degree of workflow approvals for channels, channel groups, and content within channels:

  • Publisher - Approves changes, edits content, and updates settings. Has full control of the channel, channel properties, and publishing.
  • Editor - Ability to edit content in the channel, but may require approval.

This article provides information on configuring the publishing option for channels, allowing users to browse channels on Appspace App. You can publish a channel to everyone, specific users, a private group, all devices, or specific devices.


  • Pre-existing channel, or channel playlist.
  • Publishing permissions for the channel, or channel playlist.
  • Appspace App in user mode, or configured to display multiple channels in device mode.

To publish a channel, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click Channels from the Appspace menu, and click either the Channels or Channel Groups tab

  2. Select either a channel, channel playlist, or channel group you wish to publish.

  3. Click the Publish tab.


    If the channel or channel playlist belongs to any channel group that is published, the channel or channel playlist automatically inherits the publishing settings from the channel group. However, you may still assign additional users, user groups, networks, device, and device groups.

    If you wish to disable the inherited settings, slide the slider to NO.

  4. In the Devices sub-tab, click the Find devices link to select individual devices, device groups, or networks you wish to publish this channel to.

    Optionally, you may publish to all networks, if you check the Publish to network and subnetworks checkbox.


    You may choose to register a new device from here.

  5. In the Users sub-tab, click the Find users link to select individual users, and user groups you wish to publish.

    Optionally, you may publish to all users, if you check the Publish to all users checkbox.


    You may choose to invite new users from here.