Last updated on December 08, 2019

Create and configure Room Schedule card with Microsoft Office 365

This article provides the instructions to create a Room Schedule card in the Appspace console, and configure it with Microsoft Office 365 provider settings.

The Room Schedule card is idle for single room scheduling. When the Room Schedule card is configured and displayed on a tablet outside the respective meeting room, the following features will be available to you:

  • Room information: the room name and status indicating if the room is available, offline, or occupied is displayed.
  • Meeting information: details of current meeting and upcoming meetings for the day.
  • Booking functions:
    • Book now – ability to book 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 1.5 hours from the current time, based on room availability.
    • Book in advance – book future time slots (on the same day only) or up to 7 days in advance, based on room availability.
    • Check in - option to check in to a meeting from 10 minutes before until 10 minutes after the start of the meeting.
    • Extend meeting - extend current meeting by 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 1.5 hours.
    • End meeting - end current meeting, and make the room available.