Last updated on January 26, 2019

Release Notes Jan 26th 2019

Release Information

Account Portal January 26th 2019 is a minor release that contains a new feature in the Appspace Account Management Portal.

This version is for Appspace Cloud.

What’s New

Entitlement UI updates for Devices and Platform Users

Account Management Portal users will now be notified if they have reached their threshold limits for Devices and Users usage via a notification message, and visually through color changes to the doughnut chart.

Below is a list of threshold percentages that will trigger an alert notification action.

Alert Level Alert Color Threshold Percentage Actions
Informational Blue 0% - 74% Logging for information
Warning / Hazard Yellow 75% - 89% Alert customer with notifications in Account Management Portal
Critical Red >= 90% Alert customer with notifications in Account Management Portal

Patch Updates

Feb 12th 2019

This is an internal only build.

Mar 9th 2019

A minor UI update that resolves the instance name in the License Management tab being change to white during a mouse over, on private cloud and on-premises deployments.