Last updated on September 14, 2018

Release Notes Sept 22nd 2018

Release Information

Account Portal September 22nd 2018 is a major release that contains a new feature in the Appspace Account Management Portal, which allow Account Owners and users to directly communicate with support teams via Live Chat.

This version is for Appspace Cloud.

What’s New

Live Chat

Live Chat is part of Support’s latest offering to paid subscription customers, that allow Account Owners and users with access to the Support page, to communicate directly with our support teams via the Account Management Portal.

  • Live Chat can be accessed from the navigation bar, or invoked through a case thread when discussing the case specifically.

  • When active, the Live Chat window is displayed throughout the Account Management Portal, and a transcript is generated once the session is over.

  • Support personnel can create new cases based on a chat session, if the chat session isn’t related to an existing case.