Last updated on March 19, 2018

Release Notes Mar 19th 2018

Release Information

Account Portal 19th March 2018 is a major release that contains a new feature in the Appspace Account Management Portal, for customers to create, submit, and manage support tickets.

This version is for Appspace Cloud.

What’s New

Support page

The all new Support tab in the Appspace Account Management Portal, allows Account Owners to create and manage their own support tickets.

The Support page features 3 main components, which are:

  • Case History - View support ticket history. This page also has a button to create new support tickets, and a button to access the Appspace Knowledge Center.

    You can view all the cases that you created via this portal or through the phone, including open and resolved tickets. Cases are automatically sorted by “last updated” first, and can be filtered by status.

  • Create Case - Create support tickets via a simple and easy form. You can include an attachment (all file types) per new ticket.

  • Case View - View case activity for each case.

    • You can interact with the Appspace Support team by adding comments or uploading attachments. However, the comments cannot be edited, or deleted once you save it.
    • Only the Appspace Support team may resolve or close a case.
    • You can upload one attachment for each comment you make for a case.
    • All file types are accepted for an attachment.