Last updated on March 17, 2016

1.2 Release Notes

This release note describes the new major build for Appspace App v1.2.


  • Support for Play extension.
  • Support for Flash playback.
  • Support for Device Tasks.
  • Includes various bug fixes.

Supported Hardware

Device Models Minimum Firmware / OS Version

Dell Chromebox 3010

AOPEN Chromebox

Chrome OS 46

Features and Enhancements


  • Support for custom fonts.
  • Support for right to left text.
  • Ability to re-sync scripts after Appspace App is upgraded to newer version.


  • Support for user to select an instance when registering to Appspace Cloud.


  • Support for Flash playback on Chrome OS in Media Zones. However, the Flash Container widget is not supported.


  • Support for playlists created using sub-folders in the web user interface (UI) user on-demand categories.
  • Support for automatic content playback.
  • Support for Electronic Program Guides (EPG).
  • Support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).
  • Support for on-demand content such as videos (H.264 and MP4) and images (JPG and PNG).
  • Support for channel search.
  • Support for side menu.

Device Tasks

  • Support for HTTP - Issuing HTTP GET/POST/PUT/DELETE requests.
  • Support for script tasks - Script tasks are allowed to execute local sign APIs or Device APIs, but do not replace or replicate features available on Google CDM.

Patch Updates


  • APC-1749 - Fixed: Table Listing widget does not render correctly on Chrome OS.