Last updated on September 01, 2018

Release Notes Sept 1st 2018

Release Information

Account Portal September 1st 2018 is a major release that contains a new feature in the Appspace Account Management Portal, which allows Account Owners to review current billing and subscription information, and change or upgrade subscription plans.

This version is for Appspace Cloud.

What’s New

Billing page

The all new Billing tab allows Account Owners to perform online payments, review current billing information, and change subscription plans.


Omni-Free Account Owners can now upgrade their subscription to an Appspace Express plan directly from the Billing tab.

The Billing page features the following main components:

  • Billing overview

    • View the current subscription plan, upcoming charges, payment history, and manage payment methods.

  • Payment method

    • Manage payment methods. Only one credit card details can be stored at any one time, needed for subscription renewals. You cannot remove the details, but may replace it with another credit card.

  • Upcoming charges

    • View future subscription and overages charges.

  • Billing history

    • View history of billings that have been invoiced.
    • All billings that have been invoiced regardless of payment type (full, partial, or unpaid) are displayed here.

  • Changing subscription

    • Change subscription plans.
    • Only available to Account Owners on an Omni-Free subscription plan.