Last updated on September 23, 2019

Release Notes Sept 27th 2019

Release Information

Account Portal Sept 14th 2019 is a minor release that contains a new feature in the Appspace Account Management Portal.

What’s New

Settings page

A new Settings page has been created in the Account Management Portal, which would allow Account Owners to configure various Appspace platform settings from a single location.

The following tabs will be moved to the Settings page.

Permissions tab

  • Account Owners can grant access permissions to specific users who are non-Account Owners, to the Support Portal page.

Account Authentication tab

  • Account Owners can configure SSO for Appspace and enable pass-through authentication.

Patch Updates

Sept 27th 2019

Account Authentication tab

A minor UI update which removed the “Force re-authentication” checkbox from the SSO configuration, allowing users to only login once to their Identity Provider (IDP) without having to re-login when each time Appspace is accessed.

Existing customers whom have enabled this feature

A minor UI update which removes the “Force re-authentication” checkbox from the IDENTITY PROVIDER (IDP) INFORMATION section.

Existing customers whom have already enabled this feature, are still able to use it, while new customers would be required to create a support case to enable this feature.