Last updated on September 26, 2019

1.50 Release Notes

This release note describes the new build for Appspace App v1.50.


  • Support synchronized content playback and video walls.

Supported Hardware

Supported Devices with standard Appspace App

Listed below are operating systems and devices that are compatible with the standard Appspace App.

Operating Environment Device Reference Models Minimum Firmware / OS Version Minimum Appspace Version
Android Android Devices

Samsung Tab 4

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

5.0.0 Lollipop

6.0.1 Marshmallow

Appspace 6.1
BrightSign BrightSign XT Series 3



Firmware v 6.2.147 /

Firmware v 8.0.48

Appspace 6.1
BrightSign XD Series 3



BrightSign HD Series 3



BrightSign LS Series 3 LS423
BrightSign XT Series 4 XT1144

Firmware v 7.1.65 /

Firmware v 8.0.48

BrightSign XD Series 4 XD1034
BrightSign HD Series 4 HD1024
Chrome OS Chromebox

Dell Chromebox 3010

AOPEN Chromebox

ASUS Chromebox

Chrome OS 69 Appspace 6.0
iOS iOS Devices


iPad Mini

iOS 10

iOS 11

Appspace 6.1
LG webOS SM5KC series 32SM5KC webOS 3.7 v 4.73.60 Appspace 6.2
SM5KD series 43SM5KD webOS 3.3 v 4.02.20
SM5KE series 43SM5KE webOS 4.0 v 04.01.60
MediaVue MediaVue SureVue

SureVue D1

SureVue D2

SureVue D4

SureVue D6

Firmware v 1.3.0

Chromium v 56.0.2924.59

Appspace 6.0
Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) 6.0 QBN series QB43N

Tizen 4.0 (VDLinux)

Firmware 1120.6

Appspace 6.0
Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

UWP Tablets

Desktop PC/Laptops

Microsoft Surface Pro

Desktop PC

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Appspace 6.1

Supported Device Integrations and Solutions

Listed below are devices that are integrated with Appspace, and are ideal for the customized functions stated.

Operating Environment Device Reference Models Minimum Firmware / OS Version Minimum Appspace Version
iAdea iAdea Devices IAdea XDS-1078

7.1.1 Nougat

Firmware v 2.0.2-45

Appspace 6.1
Cisco Collaboration Endpoints Cisco Webex Room series

Webex Room 55

Webex Room 70

Webex Room Kit

Webex Room Kit Mini

Webex Room Kit Plus

Webex Room Kit Pro

Latest RoomOS

CE 9.4 or later (If registered on CUCM)

Cisco Webex Desktop series Webex DX80
Cisco TelePresence MX series





Cisco TelePresence SX series



Crestron TSS



v 2.002.0048 Appspace 7.0



v 1.3975.00025
Mercury Mercury v 1.3705.00093
Mersive Solstice Pod

Solstice Pod Gen 3

Solstice Pod Gen 2i

v 4.0.11716 Appspace 6.1

New Features and Enhancements


Synchronized content playback for multiple displays and video walls

Appspace App now supports synchronized playback on multiple screens and video wall displays. Utilizing the clock synchronization technology, Appspace App allows multiple devices to work cohesively, while solving network latency issues.

Clock synchronization nominates a master device as the timekeeper, while slave devices adjust their time to synchronize with the master device’s time, synchronizing content playback between screens and speakers.

This is ideal for customers setting up distributed displays or video walls on a large scale using off-the-shelf devices.

Synchronized content playback is currently supported on the following devices with the listed content type:

Devices Clock Sync Mode Channels Cards
Playlist Advanced
Chrome OS with i3 processor and above Master and Slave Video and images Media Zone and Text Widget Announcement card and Data Visualization card
LG webOS

Seamless Media Zone transitions

The transition for Media Zone widgets on advanced channels are defaulted to to “None” from “Fade” to provide seamless video playback for the following devices:

  • BrightSign
  • Samsung SSP6 Tizen
  • LG WebOS

Resolved Escalations

  • AE-5398 - Incorrect IP address for wireless BrightSign devices displayed on Appspace.

Patch Updates



  • Technical improvement on the Crestron device, allows the registration information to retain even after it has powered down.


Resolved Escalations

  • AE-5283 - Unable to display advanced channel with scheduling turned on.
  • AE-5421 - Icons do not display correctly in advanced channels in interactive mode.
  • AE-5502 - Appspace App on Webex Board crashes and restarts when using a virtual keyboard on a Meeting Room card assigned as a single channel.
  • AE-5509 - Unable to display advanced channel with scheduled content if there is a new line in the description field.


Resolved Escalations

  • AE-5555 - MP4 video playback freezes on the first frame after replaying the playlist, when transition is set to ‘None’ on a UWP device in kiosk mode.

Technical Limitation & Workaround


  • BrightSign XT1144 devices running firmware v7.1.65 have the following limitations:

    • Mouse cursor disappears when web content and cards are displayed in full screen.
    • Unable to play a WMV file without audio.
    • Unable to play multicast RTP streams.
    • Audio is lost when playing back to back audio content.

  • BrightSign devices running firmware v8.0.48:

    • When the aspect ratio of a playlist is set to Uniform Fill (default), video content is zoomed in and cropped, unlike the behavior in BrightSign firmware v7, where video content fills the screen while maintaining its aspect ratio.

LG webOS

  • The device may crash and reboot, after several playbacks of multiple cards in a channel playlist when in interactive mode.

  • Below is a list of LG webOS 4.0 issues that occur when Appspace App is in interactive mode:

    • A UI alignment issue when scrolling up or down; the channel group and channel name texts are not aligned at the bottom of the thumbnail image.

    • Flickering issues occur during the following instances:

      • When loading video after an image playback.
      • When channel playlist aspect ratio is set to Uniform.

    • Keyboard and mouse intermittently get disconnected or do not function when navigating channels.

    • Back button on the remote control does not function in the Device info page.


  • Certain web content may not display correctly due to a CSS issue when displayed in full screen.

    We recommend switching the display from “Full Screen” to “Footer Only” on the Solstice Dashboard.

  • Device Info on the Appspace App does not display the following information:

    • Device Firmware
    • CPU Usage
    • Memory Usage
    • Storage Usage

  • Mouse is unresponsive when connected to Solstice Gen 2i, when accessing the Device menu.

    We recommend using a keyboard to access the Device menu.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

  • Devices updated to Windows 10 version 1803 (OS build 17134.48) are unable to register Appspace App.

    We recommend updating to the latest Windows 10 version 1803 (OS build 17134.122) or higher, to ensure UWP devices work seamlessly with Appspace App.

  • A cursor is displayed and does not disappear when a mouse is connected to the device, even when not in use. This is an OS limitation, where the UWP releases the cursor control back to the operation system, instead of the App, when there is switching between channel content, or web views.

    We recommend disconnecting the mouse when not in use, until this is resolved.

  • Device screen resolution display is not being reported correctly in Kiosk mode. This is due to a default scaling option in the OS that is meant for displaying text and apps bigger on high resolution but physically smaller screens.

    We recommend changing the scaling option to 100%.

    For more information, click the Windows Support help link: