Last updated on March 07, 2017

1.10 Release Notes

This release note describes the new major build for Appspace App v1.10.


  • Support for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) devices.
  • Includes various escalation and bug fixes.

Supported Hardware

Operating Environment Device Reference Models Minimum Firmware / OS Version
Chrome OS Chromebox

Dell Chromebox 3010

AOPEN Chromebox

ASUS Chromebox

Chrome OS 46

BrightSign 4K Series 2

BrightSign XD Series 2



v 6.1.76

BrightSign XT Series 3

BrightSign XD Series 3





v 6.2.63
Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) 3.0 DBE/DME/DHE/UDE-P/DME-BR series



MediaVue MediaVue SureVue

SureVue D1

SureVue D2

SureVue D4

SureVue D6

v 1.2.4
Cisco IEC Cisco IEC 4600 Series IEC-4650 v2.3.4b (build 5.354.406)
Universal Windows Platform (UWP)


Desktop PC/Laptops

Microsoft Surface Pro Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

New Features and Enhancements

Windows Universal Platform (UWP)

  • Support for Cards.
  • Support for Interactive Mode and Signs.
  • Support for the following ADM tasks:
    • Change default log level
    • Get fonts
    • Install font
    • Retrieve logs
    • Retrieve date and time
  • Support for touch gestures, however the pinch-zoom function has been disabled.
  • Appspace App ensures idle UWP devices do not go to sleep mode.

Chrome OS

  • Implemented watchdog timer (WDT) for chromebox devices to ensure devices are rebooted in the event of an application freeze.

Samsung SSP

  • Removed the Samsung SSP device firmware version validation check.


    Appspace App officially supports the Samsung SSP firmware version 1026.6 only. Users using devices other than the supported firmware version, may not get the full Appspace App experience, and would be doing so at their own risk.

Patch Updates


Released as an in-house internal build focused on research and development.


Released as an in-house internal build focused on development.


Resolved Bugs

  • APC-3032: A BrightSign device playing in Interactive Mode with live channels reboots more than twice, when the player property has been set to “System.RebootEvents” .
  • APC-3169: Long channel names are not truncated or wrapped within the borders of the side menu.
  • APC-3187: Setting the asset type in the Media Container widget does not work correctly.
  • APC-3399: The Recently Added page in Interactive Mode incorrectly display channel items, instead of only content.
  • APC-3403: Pressing the Back button using an Asus remote control, on the Search page in Interactive Mode does not work.
  • APC-3446: When selecting another card in a playlist while the initial selection is still loading, the app loads the first selected item instead of the second item.

Resolved Escalations

  • AE-2917 - In Google Slides Card, the slides do not switch at the configured intervals, while the first slide flashes by too quickly.
  • AE-2931 - The Playout metrics fails on a sign, if its media zones are linked to a Data Only sign.
  • AE-2966 - ADM Task to reboot a Chromebox device reboots the device multiples times instead.
  • AE-3035 - A sign configured with Layout Scheduling does not change layouts at the scheduled time even after a player sync.

Known Issues

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

  • Appspace App for UWP does not support silent registration via local or network policy file.
  • Appspace App for UWP does not support Flash (.swf) content.
  • The System.RebootEvents player property has been configured to reload the page instead of rebooting the device, due to Microsoft Windows policy that does not allow apps to restart devices. User must manually restart the device.
  • The Appspace App for UWP does not support display orientation, as there is a known issue with Windows devices.
  • The Appspace App for UWP does not launch automatically when in Tablet or Desktop mode. The auto-start function is only available in Kiosk mode.
  • In Desktop mode, the Appspace App for UWP is unable to go full screen after it has been minimized. A workaround is to use the keyboard short-cut keys Ctrl+Shift+F.
  • Video playback performance is not smooth in scales mode, especially visible when aspect ratio changes between video.
  • In Kiosk mode, the Appspace App for UWP does not respond to key presses, such as Alt+Ctrl+M, to trigger the Device menu.
  • When selecting another card in a playlist while the initial selection is still loading, it takes 8 seconds to display the recently selected card.


  • Performance degradation is seen in AOPEN Chromeboxes with a large number of playlists and content, after more than 14 hours of play time.