Last updated on June 06, 2017

Introduction to channels

Channels are a simple way to organize and access content in Appspace. Just like your set-top box at home, channels contain curated content on a specific subject. These can be anything from employee on-boarding information, to sales reports, events, product news, and much more. Simply organize content into channels that work best for you.

Channel types

The simple way to create a channel is a playlist. You can do this by dropping content into a folder in the content library. More advanced features such as scheduling, custom layout designs, and interactivity can also be used in a channel – these are called signs. Live streams can also be added as a channel, if you have the infrastructure in place.

Channel groups

Once you have your channels setup, you can logically group them together to make it easier for the viewer to find everything they need. For example, an employee on-boarding channel group might contain: a channel about employee benefits, a channel about business tools & system access, and a channel about the workplace.


Administrator privileges required to configure Channels. Please refer to the table in the Introduction to user management article.