Last updated on January 23, 2017

Setting content expiry

You can set expiry dates to content items from the Appspace Library, allowing you to manage your Library capacity by deleting unused content items in a scheduled manner to free up space. By default, content items added to the Library do not have expiration dates.

Once you set an expiry date to your content items, an Appspace background agent runs daily to check for content items with expiry dates. The agent then proceeds to delete these content items at midnight (UTC) on the set date(s). Once the content item has been deleted, it will no longer be allocated to any application.

All user and system actions related to this feature are logged in the user activity log within the Reports extension.

This article provides the instructions to set and manage expiry dates to your content within the Library extension.

Set Expiry Date

To set an expiry date to a content item, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the Appspace menu, and navigate to Content > Library.

  2. Select the desired content item, and double-click it to open its Content Properties window.

  3. In Content Properties, click the text box next to ‘Expires on’ and select the desired expiry date on the calendar displayed. Click Save.

  4. The expiry date is displayed next to the content item when viewing your Library in list view, or in the Content Properties window when you double-click the content item in icon view.


    To view the expiry dates of all content items within the folder, click the list view icon, click the Expiration column header to sort the expiry dates in ascending or descending order.

  5. To remove the expiry date, simply delete the set date, and click Apply.

  6. To view content items with expiry dates with filters applied:

    1. Click the Filters arrow on the left pane.

    2. In the ‘Filter by’ drop-down list, select the desired filter (‘This week’, ‘This month’, or a custom date). Content items with the filtered expiry dates are displayed.

Content Expiry in a Sign

What you need to know about adding content items with expiry dates to an application:

  • After a content item with an expiry date is added to a sign, the expiry date is displayed next to the content item in the playlist.

  • Once a content item is deleted on the set expiry date, the content item will no longer appear in any sign.