Last updated on April 16, 2016

Scheduling a device configuration task

The device configuration service extends the current Appspace device management framework to allow administrators to configure device settings through Appspace. Although configuring a device will use the task engine, the action of configuring a device is a direct update process that is executed by the user. Unlike other tasks that need to be first defined and scheduled for deployment, the direct configuration interface provides immediate access to all configurable settings. The configuration interface will display all the available device properties and settings which can be instantly accessed without having to assign and execute a task.

Deploying a Configuration Task

  1. Click the Device Configuration tab, and select the location and/or device you want to configure.

  2. Select one configuration setting you want to perform. You will be given the option to set the configuration value. Should presets be available, you’ll be presented with a list of available configuration options.

  3. After setting the configuration value, click Apply.


    You are able to set more than one configuration value before clicking Apply.