Last updated on August 16, 2018

Introduction to cards

Cards are a simple and fast way to create great looking content and sharing it on TVs, computers, and mobile devices. You can add text, images, and video, as well as additional information for viewers to enjoy when they are viewing your card on their device of choice that is compatible with the HTML5 based Appspace App.

For brand owners

You can simplify and speed-up the content creation process for authors by creating card themes. These are pre-made card designs that can incorporate your corporate colors, fonts, imagery, and rich styling that enable an author to enter very basic information and the result be great looking content. All options can be individually locked so that brand consistency is maintained throughout, with little to no effort.

For developers

As cards are simple HTML packets, it’s very easy for a developer that is familiar with today’s standard web technologies to create custom cards for their organization. Cards can come in lots of different flavors and do everything from display charts & graphs, social media feeds, live data feeds, and integrate (or control) other content sources and systems. Contact us to learn more about our developer community.


Cards are only supported on devices with the Appspace App. To ensure your device is compatible, please refer to the Supported Card Types section in the Media player support capability comparison article.

Legacy devices are not supported.