Last updated on April 22, 2017

Registering a device with the Appspace App using a claim code


You must configure your device with the Appspace App prior to registering. Please refer to the device configuration articles here.

Registering a device using a claim code

  1. Launch the Appspace App from your device, and wait approximately 10 seconds for the 6-character code to appear.

  2. Copy the 6-character code displayed in the screen

  3. Log on to your Appspace account, and navigate to Admin > Networks in the Appspace menu.

  4. Select the Players tab and click the Add button.

  5. In the ‘Register a new device’ window, enter in the 6-character code, the device name, and select a channel for the device.

  6. Click OK. The Appspace App will begin registering the device, and the selected channel will be displayed.