Last updated on September 08, 2017

Introduction to settings

Access the Instance Settings, and Account Authentication tabs via Admin > Settings in the menu on your Appspace console.


These two tabs were previously located under System > Account.

Settings Interface

Instance Settings

The Instance Settings page allows you to personalize the account for cloud and on-premises instances such as custom logo header, header background color, language, time zone, API key, and Google Analytics Tracking ID.

In an on-premises instance, you will have the following fields, which are hidden from a cloud account:

  • Appspace Domain - Administrators can set up their own Appspace subdomain or use a custom domain.
  • Custom Sign In Page - Administrators can create a custom login page.
  • Custom Logo Header - Administrators can change the logo in the header to use their own custom company or product logo.

Account Authentication

The Account Authentication Configuration page allows Account Owners to configure your Single Sign-On (SSO), SAML Identity Provider (IdP) information, service provider metadata settings, and pass-through authentication using Basic IDs for on-premises.

This tab will only be visible if SSO has been turned on via System > Configuration in the Appspace console.


Cloud users, please contact Appspace Support to turn on SSO and enable this tab.