Last updated on September 08, 2017

Linking Appspace with Google Analytics

This article provides instructions to integrate Google Analytics with Appspace for both cloud and on-premise deployments. When Google Analytics is enabled, it tracks all public sign URLs that branch from the Appspace domain.


  • A Google Analytics account.
  • Portal Administrator or Account Owner rights.
  • Public sign enabled. For more information, please refer to the Enabling a public sign article.

Setup Google Analytics

Follow the instructions below to configure and setup Google Analytics for Appspace:

  1. Add an Appspace account to Google Analytics by following the instructions in the ‘Add an account’ article:


    In step 7, “(Web only) Enter the Web Site URL”, input your Appspace domain URL.

    For Appspace Cloud instances, use the URL link available in System > Downloads in the Appspace menu.

  2. Copy the Tracking ID.

  3. In your Appspace account, click the Appspace menu and navigate to Admin > Settings.

  4. Select the Instance Settings tab, and input the Tracking ID in the ‘Google Analytics Tracking ID’ field.

  5. Click Save.