Last updated on September 13, 2016

Managing a SmartHub ASE

The SmartHub ASE is a device that pre-positions content and integrates third-party data, services, and hardware to increase the efficiency and functionality of your applications. Administrators can register and manage SmartHub ASE(s) within Appspace. They can also tag the SmartHub ASE to enable a more efficient grouping and filtering during viewing.


Ensure that the Appspace URL is used for all device registrations regardless of the content acceleration method used.

Editing SmartHub ASE

  1. In Networks, select the SmartHub ASE tab. You will be presented with a listing of SmartHub ASEs along with additional information such as their details and current health status. To edit a SmartHub’s details, click on the name link of the SmartHub to be edited from the listings page.


    If you do not see the SmartHub ASE tab, be sure that you have already installed the ASE Manager. Please see the Registering a SmartHub ASE with Appspace article for additional instructions to install and enabling the SmartHub ASE tab.

  2. A new window should present you with access to two additional tabs. The Properties tab will allow you to edit various property fields of the selected SmartHub such as the Name, IP Address, and allow you to add tags (used for identification and sorting/filtering purposes) to the device. Be sure to click Save to confirm any changes made on this page.

Managing SmartHub ASE Resources

To add and manage SmartHub ASE resources, you will be perform the following steps from the Resource tab of the selected SmartHub (accessed through the steps listed in the above section). This tab displays a list of resources that the SmartHub ASE is accelerating. These resources may consist of: player, application, or network.

  1. To begin adding a resource, click the + (Add New Resource) icon from within the Resource tab of the desired SmartHub ASE.

  2. A new Add Resource window should appear, allowing you to select a Resource Type from the drop-down menu. Select the desired resource type (Player, Application, or Network) from the drop-down menu and proceed to specify the specific Player or Application to be accelerated from the next drop-down menu. Click Save when finished.

  3. To stop the SmartHub ASE from accelerating a particular resource, use the Remove option associated with that resource from the Resource tab.

    Click OK to confirm the resource deletion.

Tagging SmartHub ASE

  1. To tag SmartHubs, begin by selecting the check box(es) of the desired SmartHubs to be tagged from the main listings page. Click on the Tag icon.

    A small dialog/text box will appear and allow you to enter the tag you want to assign to the selected SmartHub(s). You may add multiple tags at once by separating them with a comma. When finished, click Add. The newly created tag(s) should now be associated with the selected SmartHubs.

  2. Once SmartHubs have been tagged, you can filter the SmartHub ASEs based on the assigned tags. This is done by using either the search bar at the top of the listings page or by clicking on any of the tags that are listed in the left panel under the Tags section.