Last updated on September 13, 2016

Upgrading a SmartHub ASE

This article covers the steps involved in upgrading the SmartHub ASE software. The process requires the initial removal of older SmartHub ASE installer packages as well other files which could prevent the successful upgrade and installation of the more current SmartHub installation wizard.

Uninstalling and Removing Old Files

  1. One of the key files that must be deleted and removed from the system is named ‘license.dat’. This file is typically (by default) located in the C:\smarthub\ directory. Locate and delete this file.

  2. From the Control Panel, access the list of programs installed on your server (Programs and Features) and look for older versions of the SmartHub Installer. Proceed to uninstall any/all of these installer packages by clicking Uninstall.

    Complete the process by clicking Yes to fully remove it from your server.

Upgrading SmartHub ASE

Your server should now be ready to go through the SmartHub upgrade process. This process very closely mirrors the steps as outlined in the Registering a SmartHub ASE with Appspace article. The general outline of the workflow is the following:

  1. Download the latest SmartHub ASE installation wizard from Appspace Cloud.

  2. Launch the Setup Wizard to setup the SmartHub ASE Installer.

  3. Launch the SmartHub ASE Installer to install SmartHub.

  4. Register SmartHub ASE and make additional configurations


While launching/installing the updated SmartHub ASE Setup Wizard, you are not actually performing a fresh installation. All of your SmartHub configurations and any prepositioned content should be preserved. Similarly, while you are required to re-register your SmartHub ASE - the device should automatically be recognized by the Appspace server to be one and the same.

Once you have successfully carried out the above workflow, your SmartHub ASE should be upgraded to the latest version.