Last updated on July 26, 2017

Unregistering players

This article provides instructions to unregister players from Appspace.


  • One of the following user roles:

    • Portal Administrator
    • Account Administrator
    • Account Owner
    • Network Administrator

Unregistering Players Individually

Follow the instructions below to unregister a single player:

  1. Click the Appspace menu, and select Admin > Networks.

  2. In the Players tab, click the desired player’s name link you wish to unregister.

  3. In the device properties page, click the Settings tab, and click the Unregister Player link at the bottom of the page.

  4. Click OK to confirm deletion (unregistration) of the player.

Unregistering Players in Bulk

Follow the instructions below to unregister several players:

  1. In the Players tab, select the players you wish to unregister.

  2. Click the Delete button to unregister the selected players.

  3. Click OK to confirm unregistration of the players.