Last updated on August 22, 2016

1.5 Release Notes

This release note describes the new major build for Appspace App v1.5.


  • Support for MediaVue SureVure D1 devices.
  • Updated terminology.
  • Support for signs in Channels.
  • Includes various bug fixes.

Supported Hardware

Device Models Minimum Firmware / OS Version

Dell Chromebox 3010

AOPEN Chromebox

ASUS Chromebox

Chrome OS 46




v 6.1.76
Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) 3.0 DBE/DME/DHE/UDE-P/DME-BR series 1026.6
MediaVue SureVue D1 v 1.0

Features and Enhancements


  • Appspace App terminology has been updated to reflect Appspace 6.0 terminology.
  • Back-end code restructuring.
  • Card content is fully downloaded and cached, to ensure the card is loaded directly from the device.

MediaVue SureVure

  • Support for MediaVue SureVure D1 devices.
  • Support for UDP multicast streams by re-encapsulating streams into HLS.


  • Support for signs in Channels.
  • Added channel groups listing in the side menu.
  • Added channel groups to search results.
  • Added Back button to Search screen.
  • Channel number added to Live Streams (formerly known as Live Channels).


  • Support for Cards, limited to Facebook, and Data Table cards.

Device Menu Improvements

  • Added passcode expiry for access to the Device Menu.
  • Improved device usage and resources information in Device Info, for:
    • Chrome OS
    • BrightSign
    • Samsung SSP
    • IEC

Patch Updates


  • APC-2323 - Fixed: The Next Page action in a Table Listing widget does not work.
  • APC-2379 - Fixed: Some AAC audio files do not play in Appspace App.
  • APC-2395 - Fixed: Two audios play simultaneously when playing a video from a playlist.
  • APC-2396 - Fixed: The “loadplaylistfrominfomenuitem” action script does not work.

Known Issues


  • If content is loaded to Channels prior to Appspace 6.0, the folder is displayed instead of the playlist. A workaround is to save the folder once again.