Last updated on April 04, 2017

Introduction to software deployments

Deployments, accessed via the Appspace menu, allows Portal Administrators on On-premise deployments to deploy generic software packages to production players, or packages with custom feature requests such as special language support, at different levels of classifications.

Portal Administrators can deploy the following four different types of player packages:

  • DMP Package - customized package for DMP devices.
  • EDGE Package - customized package for Edge devices.
  • Player Package - customized package for PC players.
  • Agent Package - background agent package for PC players, to sync with Appspace.

The following are the different classification levels, which indicate where the packages are to be deployed:

  • Account level - package is deployed to all players registered in the selected account.
  • Application level - package is deployed to all players that run the selected channel.
  • Device level - package is deployed to a specific device.
  • Network level - package is deployed to all players that are in the selected network and its sub-networks.
  • System level - package is deployed to all players registered to Appspace.

Once a device receives all the packages deployed to it, the device will use the packages in the following order of priority:

  1. Device level
  2. Application level
  3. Network level
  4. Account level
  5. System level

All packages are first uploaded to the Appspace server, and then to the devices during the deployment process. Player packages bundled with the Appspace installer are deployed to System level during the installation of Appspace.

Deployments Interface

The following illustrates the Deployments interface.

Network Tree

This section displays the network tree with all networks within the account. By selecting a particular parent network or sub-network, the ‘Deployments in System’ page on the right dynamically changes to display the packages and deployments associated with the selected network.

Deployments in System

This section displays all packages and deployments within the account, or the selected network. You can add or delete deployments, search, and choose to view only ‘Deployments’ or ‘Deployments and Packages’ from the ‘View by’ menu. To display packages and deployments within sub-networks, check the ‘Include sub-networks’ check box.

Package Information

When you click on a package name in the ‘Deployments in System’ page, the Package Information page displays the package status, type, version, file list, and deployment information pertaining to the deployment package. It is within this page, that the deployment package can be deprecated, restored, or deleted.


In Appspace 5.5 and earlier, player packages were uploaded via the Administrator Mode feature.

Please refer to Device Software Deployments instead.