Last updated on September 22, 2015

DMP mass firmware upgrade


This article provides the requirements and instructions on how to upgrade the firmware for multiple Cisco DMP media player devices via Appspace Device Tasks in Appspace.


In Appspace 5.4 and prior, Device Tasks was known as Advanced Device Management.

Before you proceed, please ensure the prerequisites and version compatibility are met.


The following table lists the Appspace products and the compatible player package versions that have been tested for mass firmware upgrade of both DMP 4310 and 4400 devices.

Deployment Appspace Version Player Package
Cloud 5.5.2 7.0.42
On-Premise 5.2.3 7.0.32


Please download the following files to your Appspace server:

  • DMP firmware file - obtain from your device manufacturer.
  • DMP Firmware Upgrade (Remote File) task. To download click here.


Host the firmware

Host the Edge 340 device’s latest firmware file on a web server. Example: http://server_IP/firmware/5.4.1_FCS_4310.fwimg

Run firmware upgrade task

  1. Import the ‘DMP Firmware Upgrade’ task into the Appspace server.

  2. In Device Tasks, click the Advanced Tasks tab and click the Add icon to add a deployment.

  3. Select the DMP Firmware Upgrade (Remote File) task, and click Select.

  4. Under the Common Parameters section, key in the file name of the firmware, version number, and set the enumerator to Burn.


    If you’re running a firmware upgrade for DMP 4400, you are given the option to select Check or Burn for the enumerator.

  5. Click the Add icon under the Deploy To section.

  6. Select the location of the device within the Network Tree or the Network, and select the specific device. You may select multiple devices. Click the Select button once you are done.

  7. Set the deployment schedule to ‘Immediate’ and click Save.

  8. Select your player to display the status of the firmware upgrade. You can also click on the Response column for further details.