Last updated on December 01, 2015

Video rotation for Cisco DMP 4400/4310 series

Creating an app in portrait mode is very similar to creating an app in landscape mode. While all widgets and associate content items can be created in portrait mode, videos need to be rotated before they can be added to any media zone.


All the steps listed here are only applicable for videos that will be played on DMP devices.

Rotating a Video

These steps are for when you are uploading the video to the Library.

  1. If a video with a resolution of 1920×1080 (left) is used without rotation in a portrait app, the video will be displayed in the original orientation with a resolution of 1080×1920 in an app (right).

  2. Select the folder you wish to add content to. Click the ‘Upload’ button, and click ‘Upload Local File’.

  3. Click on the Setting button.

  4. Depending on the video file format, you can set the transcoding option from the dropdown list to rotate video during upload. Click Apply to save the setting. Proceed to Browse in the previous popup to search for the video file to upload.

  5. The video will be uploaded and rotated.

  6. The rotated video will be added to the Library and ready to be used in a portrait app.