Last updated on January 18, 2018

Managing remote control profiles

Appspace provides support for the following remote controls out of the box:

  • Cisco Digital Media Player (DMP) Remote Control
  • Apple TV Remote Control

This article provides the instructions to create, download, and delete remote control profiles in Channels.


Please refer to the Remote control guide for configuration information prior to configuring the remote control device.


  • You must be one of the following users:
    • Account Owner
    • Account Administrator
    • Portal Administrator

Creating Remote Control Profiles


The remote control mapping scan codes are typically obtained from the manufacturer’s datasheets and product documentation. The Appspace App does not support custom remote control mapping, and only works with out-of-the-box remote controls.

  1. Navigate to the Appspace menu, and select Channels.

  2. Click the Configuration tab, and click the Remote Controls tab.

  3. Click the ‘Add New Profile’ button.

  4. Type in the remote control profile name, and proceed to map the remote control buttons with the corresponding scan codes.

    Alternatively, you can import a preconfigured remote control map in .RCPKG file format.

    1. Click the ‘import remote control mappings from a file’ link.

    2. Click the Browse button, and select the remote control mapping file. Click Import.

  5. Click Save to complete the mapping process.

  6. To edit a Remote Control profile, click the Remote Control profile’s name link. Make the necessary changes, and click Save.

  7. To delete a Remote Control profile, select the remote control profile, and click the delete button. Click OK at the confirmation window.

Downloading Remote Control Profiles

  1. Click the Configuration tab, and click the Remote Controls tab.

  2. Select the remote control profile that you want to download, and click the Download icon.

  3. The remote control profile file is automatically downloaded to the default download folder in the .RCPKG file format.