Last updated on April 04, 2017

Introduction to reports

Appspace has a wide scope of reports available that include logs for user login attempts as well as analytics of the system using external plugins such as Google Analytics.

The following are areas available for report generation:

  • CRUD Activities - any Appspace resource or object that can be mapped to a CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operation will generate a log.
  • Proof of Play Metrics - any media zone can be configured to capture playout reports.

Reports is accessed via the Admin group in the Appspace menu.


Administrator privileges required to configure Reports. Please refer to the table in the Introduction to user management article.

Reports Interface

The following illustrates the interface of Reports.

User Activities Tab

The User Activities page displays a list of reports that are generated according to specified date, time, and filters.

You can create a customized report by specifying the date and time, and choose to export the report in Excel format. You can also apply filters such as Account, Resource, and Action, when searching for existing reports.

Proof of Play Metrics Tab

The Proof of Play Metrics page allows you to generate proof-of-play reports of specific target media zones. In order for this particular report type to be functional, you must enable playout metrics for the desired media zone in a sign.