Last updated on May 30, 2017

Introduction to library

The library is where you manage your content. You can upload image & video files, as well as create cards and add links to external content such as web pages.


See our Media player support capability comparison for all the file types that Appspace supports.

The library and user groups

If you have organized users into different user groups, each user group can have its own library; this allows those users to share content privately amongst their group. A user belonging to more than one user group will be able to see all libraries available to them. A common library also allows users to share content with every one within the account.

Helpful tip

If you drag and drop content from one folder to another in the same library, this moves the content. If you drag and drop it to a folder in another library, the content is copied.


To view privileges required to configure the Library, please refer to the table in the Introduction to user management article.