5.1.1 Release Notes

Release Information

The Appspace 5.1.1 build is a maintenance release that focuses on support for the Omni Plan Model, Appspace IDs and Public Applications.

Target Deployment

  • Public Cloud (Appspace Cloud)

Platform Enhancements

Support for Omni Plans

  • The new Omni plans provide a more streamlined workflow for organisations to run digital media strategies through the Appspace Cloud.

Introduction of Appspace IDs

  • Appspace IDs are introduced with the Omni Plan and function as client access licenses for both users and devices.

New Public App Functionality

  • The Public App is a new feature designed to replace the older App Publishing model which allows users to quickly share and stream applications.

Fixes and Improvements


  • Appspace logo flickers when switching extensions
  • Google Analytics Tracking ID cannot be saved

Sign Manager

  • Text ticker font opacity does not work in VE and preview
  • Settings page throws exceptions
  • Invalid permissions for certain widgets
  • User list not visible although given proper permissions
  • Incorrect ‘All Day Event’ start and end date
  • Some widgets are not visible in the visual editor before saving
  • Dynamic text is not displayed in VE and preview
  • Delete layout button misplaced if application has more than 100 layouts
  • Discrepancies in dynamic media update frequencies
  • HTML 5 Text Ticker – special characters are not displayed properly

Content Library

  • Discrepancies in dynamic media update frequencies
  • Edited webpage will be incorrectly moved to the unassigned folder
  • Incorrect ‘sort by folder’ filter
  • Dynamic media credentials shown in plain text
  • Display message for minimum update frequency of dynamic media items
  • Drag/drop function inaccurate


  • DMP 4310/4400 – event calendar bold fonts does not work
  • PC Player – SendNetworkMessage includes additional byte after each character