Last updated on September 07, 2015

5.5.1 Release Notes

Release Information

The Appspace Core 5.5.1 build is a planned update that focuses on platform enhancements and includes the latest bug fixes. Released on June 20th, 2015 this build covers Appspace Cloud.

Platform Enhancements


  • AP-8115: Sign-in page returnURL redirection.
  • AP-8119: Session timeout automatically redirects to page.
  • AP-8120: The ‘Remember Me’ option recognizes session cookies before expiry.
  • AP-8121: The ‘Remember Me’ session cookies are cleared when signed out.
  • AP-8122: Sign-in page returnURL redirection for users with SSO credentials.
  • AP-8190: Legal clickwrap URL reference updated.

Bug Fixes

Resolved Bugs

  • AP-5141: Search initiates automatically without pressing the Enter key or the magnifying glass button.
  • AP-6708: Searching for keywords does not work.
  • AP-6712: Searching with invalid keywords in the Library displays incorrect number of total files.
  • AP-6867: User is not directed to selected page after page number is entered.
  • AP-6873: User is not directed to the last page, if page number entered is beyond the page range.
  • AP-7704: Incorrect records in Audit trail report, when application name contains “<?”.
  • AP-7726: User profile picture is updated but the ‘Restore Default’ link is not displayed.
  • AP-7878: User profile picture is updated on the User Management page but does not reflect correctly in User Profile.
  • AP-8022: No deletion log captured for expired content.
  • AP-8040: New application name created with “<test?>” appears blank on application list in Signs.
  • AP-8051: Library Stream API fails after adding a hostname to the HTTPS binding in IIS.
  • AP-8056: Unable to delete User Group with content and applications.
  • AP-8058: The SAML assertion uses incorrect user credentials to log on.
  • AP-8063: Send invites to existing users by modifying the email address of pending invites.
  • AP-8085: Data Parse Exception Error occurs when playout properties is set to Play Forever.
  • AP-8091: A fresh installation of Appspace 5.5.1 on-premise on MSSQL fails.
  • AP-8092: A moved sub-folder remains in the previous folder instead of My Library when refreshed.
  • AP-8094: Incorrect page is loaded after clicking the Home navigation bar.
  • AP-8095: The Appspace installation takes a longer time than expected on MySQL.
  • AP-8100: Truncated email address displayed in the User Profile.
  • AP-8101: The user profile default image is broken.
  • AP-8105: Page unavailable is displayed when clicking apply on the weather widget.
  • AP-8106: The Portal or Account Administrator is able to edit other on-premise instances.
  • AP-8131: Time taken to add Recipients to Notifications is fixed.
  • AP-8141: Excel file is downloaded automatically when page number is entered in the page number box and click Enter.
  • AP-8143: The Apply button on the Add Media page in Signs does not function correctly.
  • AP-8193: Online device registration uses the API key from the current user’s account instead of the selected user account.
  • AP-8239: Publishing an emergency campaign fails when there is a lot of content within Appspace.
  • AP-8260: Active Directory authentication allows users to log on without a password or with a blank password.
  • AP-8271: The upgrade installation of Appspace on-premise on MSSQL is successful, but fails to login.
  • AP-8290: The footer displays old links that need to be updated.

Resolved Escalations

  • AE-1420: Active Directory authentication allows users to login without entering a password.
  • AE-1434: SSO credentials allow users to login to different user accounts.
  • AE-1450: The Data Parse Exception error occurs when changing the Media Zone Playout Metric properties.
  • AE-1470: An error page is returned when saving the weather location.
  • AE-1473: Adding Recipients to Network Notifications takes a long time.
  • AE-1497: Multi Tenancy - Newly registered players are not listed in the account when registered online with portal/account admin credentials from another account.