Last updated on January 09, 2016

5.8.2 Release Notes

Release Information

The Appspace Core 5.8.2 build is a planned update that focuses on platform enhancements and includes the latest bug fixes. Released on January 9th, 2016 this build covers Appspace Cloud.

Platform Enhancements

  • Remove logging from Session State Provider.

Bug Fixes

Resolved Bugs

  • AP-9153: All users are given the “Content Administrator” role when an application is set to the “Everyone can manage application” permission.
  • AP-9162: CPU load issues caused by IIS Worker Process.
  • AP-9189: Content Administrator role inherited from application is shown on the sign-up form.
  • AP-9255: User listing page unable to load.
  • AP-9275: Unable to modify AD users/user groups.
  • AP-9279: Downloaded item does not appear on the Downloads page.
  • SIGN-224: The “Everyone can manage” permission should be able to change the network tree.
  • SIGN-225: Admin is not able to edit a custom SIGN permission for a user.
  • SIGN-343: Signs app not created correctly on Appspace Cloud.

Resolved Escalations

  • AE-1856: CPU load issues caused by IIS Worker Process.