Last updated on October 10, 2015

5.7 Release Notes

Release Information

The Appspace Core 5.7 build is a planned update that focused on platform optimization, enhancements, and bug fixes. Released on October 10th, 2015, this build is only for Appspace Cloud.

What’s new in Appspace 5.7

Improved Signs application creation workflow

The Signs app creation workflow has been improved, allowing users to create an app by immediately entering a name, and selecting the application type in a single step.

Please refer to the Creating Applications section in the Managing Applications article in Signs.

An updated UI for Signs

The dashboard in Signs has a new look with an updated user interface that includes an additional ‘Type’ column, and a ‘View’ drop-down menu with options such as All, Signage, or Data Only, to sort application types.

Longer names for Signs applications

Signs app names can now fit up to 255 characters, allowing users to define much longer names.

Bug Fixes

Resolved Bugs

  • AP-8140: An Account owner in a sub-network can view the parent network’s recently updated widgets.
  • AP-8391: In the Networks extension, network names containing the “>” symbol display incorrectly in the Players tab.
  • AP-8540: In Active Directory Authentication, when auto creation is enabled, invited users appear twice in the user list.
  • AP-8544: Profile updates are not reflected in API call.
  • AP-8573: In Users, the inheritance role remains even after user is moved to another group.
  • AP-8580: Fixed the number of layouts and widgets that caused display errors in Visual Editor.
  • AP-8588: Fixed Playout Metrics report returning incorrect data.
  • AP-8626: When investigating Account subscription, the info or usage of Appspace ID is incorrect.
  • AP-8629: The Deployment extension user interface is cleaned up.
  • AP-8632: Unable to retrieve a sub-network software deployment.
  • AP-8650: In Deployments, the Portal Admin is not able to view deployments on multi-tenancy accounts, except on the System level.
  • AP-8685: In Library, clicking the Upload button results in the system not functioning as expected.
  • AP-8686: From the Dashboard, after clicking the Upload button in the Library section, clicking the ‘Library’ hyperlink redirects to an error page.
  • AP-8687: Webhook is unable to post a response when content is updated.
  • AP-8693: An account-wide SSO settings page should not be publicly accessible.
  • AP-8727: Data discrepancy between the AppspaceId table and other resources tables.
  • AP-8730: In System > Account, edits made in a text box in the Company tab are not retained, when you navigate to another tab after saving the changes.
  • AP-8749 In Deployments, the device always receives the software package that comes with the Appspace Installer.
  • AP-8772 The Playout metrics report page only returns partial content for the application.
  • AP-8779: In Deployments, unable to locate some applications in the “Others” list in Add Deployment.
  • AP-8796: In Deployments, the application name is not wrapped under the “Others” drop-down menu in Add Deployment.

Resolved Escalations

  • AE-1437: The Dashboard shows parent network activities from a subnet or child network.
  • AE-1581: The Playout Metrics records incorrectly.
  • AE-1607: False player alerts.
  • AE-1615: Number of layouts and widgets causes display errors in Visual Editor.
  • AE-1616: Content allocated from the Library are not able to use tag rules.
  • AE-1721: Client request for assistance with API integration.