Last updated on March 19, 2015

Widget: Media Zone


The Media Zone widget is the most common widget used to build applications. From interface elements to content playlists, the Media Zone widget is highly flexible and can be layered to form rich media interfaces. Typical uses of the Media Zone widget include:

  • Backgrounds / screen savers content loops
  • Interface elements such as logos, banners, masks
  • Content stages for video, flash or image playlists

Editing a Media Zone Widget

Step 1

From the Edit tab of an existing application that contains the media zone widget to be edited, click on the widget from the selected layout or select it from the Widgets column on the right. This should automatically launch the Visual Editor for the selected media zone widget.

Step 2

On the APPEARANCE tab, you will be able to view the layout of the widget. The right hand side of the page contains all the editable properties of the widget which includes:

  • COMMON: general widget color, width, and margin settings
  • PROPERTIES: various configuration settings for this media zone
  • AUDIO: adjustable audio settings


Refer to the tables below for additional details of the PROPERTIES settings.

Media Zone Widget Properties

The APPEARANCE tab allows users to adjust the various playback properties as listed in the table:

Aspect Ratio Sets the aspect ratio of the content
Transition The transition to use when introducing the content
Properties Allows users to perform changes to the content properties
Duration The duration for content playback if default is not specified. For video content “default” equals the natural duration of the video file
Playout Order Designates if the content is to be played in an Ordered or Randomized format, based on the drop-down menu options
Time Display Format Allows the user to choose between 24-hour or AM/PM time format.
Audio Mute If checked audio from video content will be muted
Audio Level Sets the audio level for video at playback

Content Playout Properties

The following playout properties are supported in this widget:

Aspect Ratio Determines how the content should be stretched when playing back in a widget with a different resolution to the source content
Duration The duration for content playback if default is not specified. For video content “default” equals the natural duration of the video file
Validity When Play Forever is selected, the content is always valid. If Play between these dates is selected the user can determine the start and end date / time for content playback
Automatically delete after expiration date If selected, the system will automatically remove the content file from the playlist after the end date (if Play between these dates is selected)
Tag Rules If selected, the system will display the Rule Editor window for adding tag rules to the content
Frequency Determines the frequency for content playback (this setting only applies to PC Players)